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Medtech POV with Scott Whitaker | Steve Mapa, Gulf War Veteran and Executive Director of MedTechVets on Supporting Veterans in the Medtech Industry

WASHINGTON – In the newest episode of Medtech POV, Steve Mapa, President and Executive Director of MedTechVets, joins host Scott Whitaker to talk about his career in the United States Army and the medtech industry and the work his organization is doing to support veterans as they transition from active duty to a civilian career.

Mapa, who was appointed to the role earlier this year, previously held sales and leadership roles at both Abiomed and GE HealthCare, where he led teams focused on growing the business and improving access to lifesaving medical technology in the field of heart recovery.

During the interview, Mapa talked about the projects implemented by the organization to support veterans, including the MedTechVets Program and MedTechVets Executive Program:

“The MedTechVets Program is really a great program. We offer this four times a year, and the curriculum is essentially a medtech overview. There’s resume writing, digital profile with LinkedIn, interviewing, networking, and a capstone presentation. The idea is to have the candidates present their ideal job, and then we try to match their skill sets with job opportunities within MedTech.”

According to Mapa, the placement and retention rate for the program is high, signaling the benefit it has for servicemembers:

“The placement rate out of the Program is currently about 95 percent, which I thought was amazing. And the retention rate is really high; 84 percent retention rate. So not only do they get the job, but they end up staying there and doing well.

“One thing that I’m really excited that we’re working on is a new program called the Executive Leadership Program, which is something we are going to start as a source for West Point and Annapolis grads. And this is going to be those [top recruits and diverse candidates] that are completing their service and have shown leadership experience.”

Whitaker went on to ask Mapa about the value of mentorship for veterans and the opportunities provided by MedTechVets.

“Probably the primary reason why I left Abiomed was the mission of MedTechVets, and it states right in the mission statement about mentoring. So, what you’ll see on the website for MedTechVets is helping military veterans transition and find a career with purpose in medtech through education, mentoring, and networking. And with over 20 years in medtech and as an Army veteran, I got to a point in my life and my career where I felt like it was time to give back and to help transitioning veterans.”

Mapa also talked about MedTechVets’ role at the upcoming MedTech Conference in Toronto on October 15-17:

“We are planning a networking breakfast, and we are going to invite two of our partner medtech companies to come and participate as speakers. We’re also going to invite three alumni of the academy training, veterans that went through MedTechVets and got jobs. We are going to ask them to come back and share their story with others. We are also going to sponsor some veteran graduates of the MedTechVets Program, so those that maybe haven’t found a job yet, but went through the training, [can] attend the MedTech Conference. And our team will be there on the floor networking, supporting the conference, and making sure that we’re learning about everything that’s new within AdvaMed.”

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About MedTechVets:

MedTechVets is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping military veterans transition into successful careers in the medical technology industry. Through mentorship, networking opportunities, and educational resources, MedTechVets empowers veterans to leverage their unique skills and experiences in the service of advancing healthcare innovation. For more information, visit