AdvaMed’s newest division — AdvaMed Imaging – represents the world’s largest, leading companies that are providing healthcare professionals with the ability to screen, diagnose, treat, and monitor patients by providing accurate, detailed images.

Advancements in medical imaging technologies have rapidly progressed over the last decade, playing a pivotal role in patient care, as well as medical research and discovery. From AI-based innovations, data-driven insights, and digital health tech, these tools lead to better individual patient outcomes and benefits to the entire healthcare system.

“From AI to digital health tech, the advocacy issues faced by our imaging companies will only increase. No trade organization is better prepared than AdvaMed to take those challenges head on so that our members can continue focusing on what they do best—meeting the needs of the patients they serve.”

Scott Whitaker,  President and CEO of AdvaMed

“We are in a new era in which medical imaging is ubiquitous—an era in which providers rely on imaging for screening, diagnosis, monitoring, and therapy delivery, as well as medical research and discovery.” 

Peter J. Arduini, President and CEO of GE HealthCare and Chair of the AdvaMed Board of Directors

Medical Imaging

AdvaMed Imaging represents a wide range of companies manufacturing medical imaging equipment, radiopharmaceuticals, contrast media, and focused ultrasound devices.

AdvaMed Medical Imaging Members

AdvaMed Medical Imaging member companies are driving advancements in imaging technologies that improve patient outcomes and the efficiency of the healthcare system. Join us in driving policies that embrace medical imaging, ensuring a healthier future for all.