As the pace of innovation quickens, so too does the need for an advocacy organization dedicated solely to representing the interests of the diagnostic industry. Until AdvaMedDx, no multi-faceted advocacy organization existed to focus exclusively on the issues affecting the development and manufacture of diagnostic technologies – both domestically and abroad.  

AdvaMedDx members have the opportunity to shape the future of the industry with like-minded peers. Our dedicated staff experts will keep you informed of proposed changes to regulatory policy and how they will impact your business. 

Membership Benefits 


Access to a dedicated staff focused exclusively on diagnostics 


Shaping a specific diagnostic policy agenda covering specific state-based issues to broad legislative initiatives on Capitol Hill 


Entrée to senior-level networking, partnering, and investor events 


Participation on various committees and issue work groups that direct the organization’s policy and program initiatives 


Access to a portfolio of member-only publications and customizable news alert services 


Simultaneous membership in AdvaMed with access to the broader resources of the Association 


Access to the new AdvaMed Purchasing Group (APG), a member benefit that helps companies purchase the very best goods and services from nationally recognized suppliers at the very best cost, using a trusted and proven vetting system and the collective purchasing power of our membership. Click here to learn more. 

AdvaMedDx membership is open to medical technology firms worldwide that manufacture an in vitro diagnostic device for sale in the United States, or firms that engage in research and development in these areas without beginning to manufacture or that may not have U.S. sales as yet. All member companies can participate in both AdvaMedDx and AdvaMed programs and take advantage of our numerous services. 

Become a Member

As an AdvaMedDx member, you have the opportunity to shape the future of the industry with like-minded peers.