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AdvaMed’s Imaging Division is Fast Out of Gates at the Medtech Association

Transitions can be challenging, but medical imaging manufacturers’ move to AdvaMed was seamless during the first half of 2024. Already, we’ve notched significant wins that will improve patient access to advanced medical imaging technologies.

AdvaMed’s Imaging Division has been on the frontline of AI advocacy, helping educate policymakers about AI’s value to patient care, the role of the FDA in regulating AI, and the need for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to formalize a payment pathway for AI-enabled medical devices.

Imaging Division staff have held over 10 meetings with Congressional staff on appropriations requests that encourage CMS to implement adequate reimbursement for AI and machine learning (ML) technologies in medical imaging. We’ve also responded to numerous congressional and executive branch requests, including from Rep. Ami Bera (CA-06), the Office of Management and Budget, and Senators Romney (UT), Reed (RI), Moran (KS), and King (ME) for information to help educate policymakers and ensure AdvaMed is a go-to resource on AI and ML issues.

Furthermore, Right Scan Right Time, a patient and survivor community that AdvaMed supports, joined 14 other patient groups sending a letter to Capitol Hill calling on Congress to work with CMS to determine a payment pathway for AI-enabled medical devices that are FDA-cleared or approved.

AdvaMed has also been extremely busy in state capitols, advocating for the elimination of patient cost sharing for medically appropriate supplemental imaging for breast and lung cancer screening. To date, we’ve sent more than 20 letters to state legislatures on screening legislation, and two states have already passed bills that have been signed into law.

AdvaMed Imaging has also made significant progress on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) modality-by-modality approach to Version 1.0 Energy Star for medical imaging. We’ve developed a strong collaborative relationship with the EPA, written a response to the agency’s initial approach, and look forward to continuing our work. To learn more, contact Adrienne Frederick.

One reason we’re off to such a strong start is our ability to get organized quickly at AdvaMed. Our Board of Directors, listed below, has led the charge to identify our priority issues – artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, service, and the value of imaging – and we’ve made progress on each.

We’ve organized our committees, sectors, and working groups to guide our work and ensure all AdvaMed Imaging members are represented. Our committees include:

Our Section and Working Group structure includes:

I’m joined by our amazing staff in celebrating these achievements:

Back row, left to right: Rachel Kosh, Director, Imaging Federal Government Affairs, Zack Hornberger, Senior Director, Digital Health & Imaging Technology , Patrick Hope, Executive Director, Medical Imaging, Peter Weems, Vice President, Imaging Government Affairs & Policy Strategy

Front row, left to right: Adrienne Frederick, Senior Manager, Health Policy & State Government Affairs, Alex Miller, Manager, Imaging Federal Government Affairs, Carolyn Hull, Senior Director, Global Strategy & Standards

The Imaging Division looks forward to further ingraining our work into the AdvaMed community and leveraging our vast resources to advance medical imaging’s policy agenda. Submit your interest in learning more about our Imaging Division’s Standards, Membership benefits, and more.

If you have any questions, please contact me.