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Code of Ethics


Medtech Companies can serve the interests of patients through beneficial collaborations with Health Care Professionals (HCPs) to advance medical technologies, enhance the safe and effective use of medical technologies, encourage research and education, and foster charitable donations and giving. To ensure that these collaborative relationships meet the highest ethical standards, they must be conducted with appropriate transparency and in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and government guidance. The AdvaMed Code of Ethics on Interactions with Health Care Professionals (“AdvaMed Code”) clarifies and distinguishes appropriate activity between health care professionals and representatives of AdvaMed member companies.


AdvaMed and its members encourage ethical business practices and socially responsible industry conduct related to their interactions with health care professionals through:

  • The AdvaMed Board Ethics and Health Care Compliance Committee, which leads AdvaMed's ethics and compliance initiatives, including advocacy for federal physician payments sunshine legislation and stewardship of the AdvaMed Code of Ethics on Interactions with Health Care Professionals;
  • The Code Certification Program, which allows AdvaMed member and non-member companies to certify adoption of the AdvaMed Code;
  • The Code Logo Supporters Program, which offers any medtech Company that has certified to the AdvaMed Code a license to display the Code of Ethics Logo, promoting awareness of the AdvaMed Code and providing a visible symbol of the Company’s commitment to effective compliance programming and ethical interactions with health care providers;
  • Providing contact information to health care compliance officers responsible for overseeing their company's compliance with fraud and abuse laws and implementation of AdvaMed's Code of Ethics for Interactions with Health Care Professionals; and
  • Hosting and facilitating educational conferences and meetings for compliance best practices exchanges and dialogue with government and industry leaders. AdvaMed seeks opportunities to communicate the importance of furthering ethical interactions between industry and health care professionals through speaking engagements and meetings with all partners in the health care continuum.

Compliance App

  • May 15 - The AdvaMed Compliance App is now available worldwide for iOS devices (iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch). Download it for free in the iTunes App Store (iTunes Preview).
    Features include:
    • Tools like the Code Navigator - an interactive tool to navigate issues covered by the AdvaMed Code of Ethics;
    • a Search tool for Compliance Contacts for companies that have certified to the AdvaMed Code; and
    • Interactive and searchable references and training tools, among others.