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Code of Ethics


Health Care Professionals’ (HCPs) first and highest duty is to act in the best interests of their patients. Medical Technology (MedTech) companies can help HCPs meet this duty through necessary and valuable collaborative interactions. To ensure these collaborative relationships meet the highest ethical standards, the AdvaMed Code of Ethics on Interactions with Health Care Professionals (the “AdvaMed Code”) provides MedTech companies guidance based on the Code’s Six Cornerstone Values: Innovation, Education, Integrity, Respect, Responsibility and Transparency.

While the AdvaMed Code has long set the standards for ethical interactions between HCPs and member companies, we’re presenting an update in 2020 that reflects today’s world. Effective January 1, 2020, the revised Code offers current examples, enhanced user-friendless and greater clarity to address the evolving nature of HCP interactions.

Compliance in the MedTech Industry

AdvaMed Code

AdvaMed Code of Ethics

Download the AdvaMed Code of Ethics
This version went into effect on January 1, 2020. Also available in:

Additional Resources

Code Certification Center

The AdvaMed Code Certification Center is open to both AdvaMed member and non-member MedTech companies to sign on to the Code and obtain a certification logo to adopt, proudly display and reap the benefits of Code certification:

To complete the 2020-2022 AdvaMed Code Certification for Membersclick here. Members may also submit their certification via PDF copy

To complete the 2020-2022 AdvaMed Code Certification for Non-Membersclick here. Non-members must complete their certification online. 

Accel Center for Ethics

At the Accel Center for Ethics (ACE), smaller companies are provided the tools and resources needed to adopt the AdvaMed Code of Ethics and implement its provisions to help ensure effective compliance. 

Code Tools & Resources

AdvaMed offers AdvaMed Code training and compliance assistance to encourage ethical business practices and socially responsible industry conduct related to their interactions with HCPs:

  • The 2020 Code Training Deck for introductory training on the AdvaMed Code of Ethics.
  • The Overview of AdvaMed Code for an intoductory, online training course on the AdvaMed Code of Ethics.
  • For company representatives who need more in-depth training, AdvaMed worked with HealthStream, a provider of workforce and provider solutions for the healthcare industry, to provide Code of Ethics training via the RepDirect™ platform, where for a reasonable fee learners can access training and receive a credential accepted by healthcare providers nationwide.
  • The Code Resources Center for new and updated tools, resources and other materials to assist companies in adopting the AdvaMed Code.