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AdvaMed Continues to Lead the Way in Compliance and Ethics with Revised Code of Ethics

WASHINGTON, D.C.  The Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed), the world’s largest trade organization representing medical technology manufacturers, today announced that its board of directors has unanimously approved revisions to the AdvaMed Code of Ethics on Interactions with Health Care Professionals (the Code).

The Code, which addresses interactions between medical technology companies and health care professionals, serves as a foundational charter for medical technology companies’ compliance programs and encourages the companies to adopt best practices in the ethics unique to their industry. 

“When appropriate, the board approves revisions and updates to the AdvaMed Code to reaffirm the organization’s longstanding commitment to ensure the Code provides timely, effective guidance to the medical technology industry,” said Michael Minogue, Chairman, President and Chief executive officer of ABIOMED, Inc. and Chairman of the AdvaMed board. “We’ve developed these revisions to address evolving compliance and legal standards, to account for innovative value-based care arrangements, and to incorporate additional provisions on risk areas specific to medical technology companies.”

The revisions, which come in the form of revised text, FAQs to common questions, and a standalone guidance document:

“Our Code continues to provide medical technology companies with guidance on ethical interactions and relationships with health care professionals, based on the cornerstone values of innovation, education, integrity, respect, responsibility, and transparency,” said Scott Whitaker, AdvaMed President and CEO. “We believe our members will find the revisions useful and practical as they come across new ethical questions in their work.”

The revised Code will take effect June 1, 2022, to give companies time to educate their employees and customers on its provisions.  AdvaMed plans to distribute training materials and resources to its members on the new Code, as well as information about it to various stakeholders in advance of the effective date.

Complete information about AdvaMed’s Code and related health compliance issues is available here.

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