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Medtech Brings Hope During National Diabetes Month

Diabetes is a serious health problem in the United States and worldwide. The consequences of unchecked diabetes are dire. 

But there’s good news to celebrate during National Diabetes Month and on World Diabetes Day November 14. 

The technology to monitor and manage diabetes has evolved rapidly in recent years, dramatically changing the quality of life for patients. 

Only a few years ago, parents of children with diabetes had to wake up their kids every two hours to check their insulin levels, with constant finger pricks and injections. Now, many of those kids can use a continuous glucose monitor and an iPhone app – no more constant finger pricks and injections.  

Continuous glucose monitors are the size of only two stacked pennies. Diabetes management is much easier than ever before. 

At the same time, inequitable access to the best diabetes products is a problem. Coverage policies, whether in government programs or in private insurance, should ensure broad access to the latest diabetes technology and the continuum of care to ensure the strongest possible patient outcomes.  

Patients need not only the technology, which is key, but also information on how to use it, good nutrition, and access to the ophthalmologists, cardiologists, endocrinologists, and podiatrists who can prevent and treat the worst outcomes of poorly managed diabetes. 

This month, let’s take a step forward in our own circles of influence to help someone get screened, promote access to health care covering diabetes management and treatment, and advance policies to increase access to the latest medtech enabling a good quality of life for those with diabetes.  

Eventually, medtech innovation may contribute to a cure. Thank you to the innovators working hard to create the breakthrough technology advancing diabetes care to the futuristic level we experience today. I can’t wait to see what’s next. 

On a personal note, my wife, Michelle, and I just spent a wonderful evening with friends, family, and colleagues at the JDRF Mid-Atlantic Chapter Gala as we celebrated the courage and resilience of those living with Type One Diabetes, especially our daughter, Eva. While we continue to search for a cure, we are grateful for all the medtech community has done to innovate and transform the management for this disease. 


For policymakers, please see more about medtech’s role in managing diabetes, including a downloadable fact sheet and patient stories. 

A Morning Consult poll found an overwhelming number of Americans believe medical technology plays a significant role in treating and improving the health and well-being of those living with diabetes, but those diagnosed with the disease struggle to manage their condition. The poll also found broad, bipartisan support for government investment in researching treatments and cures for diabetes. 

My Medtech POV podcast conversation with Lisa Earnhardt of Abbott Laboratories addresses how innovative technology is helping patients manage diabetes, allowing them to live fuller and better lives. 

For parents and patients, JDRF has resources for children, teens, and adults. 

For health educators, please see the diabetes ABCs resources – A for the A1C blood glucose test, B for blood pressure, C for cholesterol – from the National Institute of Diabetes. 

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