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As Congress Holds Hearings on Diabetes, AdvaMed Highlights Critical Role of Medtech in Diagnosis, Treatment

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, diabetes was front and center during a Senate HELP Committee hearing, prompting AdvaMed President and CEO Scott Whitaker to release the following statement on the ways life-saving medical technology is critical in diabetes management:

“On behalf of the dozens of medical technology companies who work alongside providers, patients, and families to diagnose and treat diabetes, I want to commend the Committee for its continued interest in diabetes management and saving lives.  

“While it’s important to take a comprehensive look at this disease, its causes, and risk factors created by it, it is equally important to recognize the existing, proven solutions that are helping patients live fuller, healthier lives. Nowhere is that clearer than in the role medical technology has played in improving and saving millions of lives. Diabetes care and treatment has come so far in recent years thanks to the innovation of medtech companies AdvaMed represents. Tests and treatments are becoming less invasive and easier to use, putting power into the hands of people living with the disease and enabling them to manage their health directly. There are no more one-size-fits-all treatments for diabetes, and that is due largely to medtech. There is simply no diabetes care of any kind without medtech.

“I join the vast majority of Americans in supporting a stronger federal focus on finding better treatments for diabetes, and AdvaMed stands ready to work with our partners to achieve this goal.”

AdvaMed members are at the forefront of innovation in diabetes treatment and care, including:

In a national poll conducted by Morning Consult on behalf AdvaMed earlier this year:

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