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Vince A. Forlenza

In March 2017, Vince A. Forlenza, chairman, president and CEO of BD, concluded his tenure as chairman of the AdvaMed Board of Directors.

As chairman, Vince helped promote a climate where medical technology innovation can thrive and as a result patients everywhere can enjoy living longer, healthier, more productive lives thanks to advanced medical devices and diagnostics.

On behalf of the entire medical technology industry and the patients we serve, AdvaMed thanks Vince for his leadership, commitment and vision as he guided the association to some significant advancements which will benefit innovation and patient care worldwide.

Key milestones during Vince's chairmanship include:

  • A two-year suspension of the medical device excise tax – and marked progress on permanent repeal. Suspension of the tax has allowed medtech companies to reinvest funds into R&D for new life-changing innovations, restart shelved projects, make capital improvements and hire new workers. 
  • Passage of 21st Century Cures legislation with important reforms of FDA’s regulatory processes to enhance predictability and patient access to safe and effective technologies. Chief among these is an improved review pathway for breakthrough technologies, providing treatment options for patients with serious or life-threatening conditions who have no other alternative. 
  • A MDUFA reauthorization agreement that is a win for FDA, innovation and patients. This deal will improve the efficiency and consistency of the agency's review process, allowing more timely patient access to needed innovations.
  • Development of AdvaMed's Value Framework initiative to better define the value of medical technology. This initiative will help stakeholders across the health care spectrum understand the benefits of a medical device or diagnostic and how it can improve patient care and increase the efficiency of health care systems. 
  • Implementation of a China-specific Code of Ethics, and China’s commitment to improve its regulatory processes. These developments will help ensure medtech companies in China work for the benefit of patients and that all companies have are held to the same regulatory standards.

Vince's impact on AdvaMed and the medical technology industry will be felt for years to come. The policies that he has championed will help foster innovation, promote growth in the medtech industry, and above all, improve the lives of millions of patients around the world.

Thank you Vince for your service and commitment to AdvaMed and the patients we serve.