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Quality Culture Playbook

Quality culture is the beliefs and practices within a firm that drive quality in areas including product development, production, and distribution. 

Device firms with strong quality culture see benefits like fewer costly mistakes , product quality improvements, customer satisfaction, and strong employee morale. But many firms struggle to develop, improve, and grow quality culture.

Many firms identify the need to develop, improve, and sustain quality culture, and some firms need a playbook to make these changes. So, we surveyed industry members and sought FDA input to develop a Quality Culture Playbook. This playbook offers flexible, adaptable practices that firms can deploy to implement and build quality culture.

Key takeaways from the playbook include:

  • What quality culture is and why it matters
  • The behaviors that drive quality culture
  • The workstreams to operationalize quality culture behavior
  • Strategies to deploy a quality culture initiative

Firms can choose to follow this playbook exactly or to pick parts that suit specific needs.

Click here to download the Quality Culture Playbook.

Webinar: Quality Culture Playbook