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Medtech POV with Scott Whitaker | Olympus’s Nacho Abia and AdvaMed’s Whitaker Discuss the Importance of Diversity in the Medtech Industry

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Olympus Corporation Chief Operating Officer Nacho Abia recently joined AdvaMed’s Scott Whitaker on the Medtech POV podcast. During the episode, Abia discussed his rise at one of the most innovative companies in the medical technology industry and what his commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion entails as one of the company’s leaders.

They discussed the need to learn not only from the lessons of the COVID-19 crisis, but from the broader social and cultural issues highlighted in 2020 as well.

Whitaker said the medtech industry would have to continue to improve when it comes to inclusion and diversity, particularly after the “inflection point” the country experienced last year.

Abia agreed: “You perform better when you have a diverse team and you listen to more people. It goes along with respecting everybody, listening to everybody, and understanding that everybody can bring value … As a company, we have to provide support … We spend a lot of time on education. The more different opinions we have, the better the outcome is going to be.”

Whitaker agreed, noting: “Not only is [diversity and inclusion] the right thing for us to do as leaders from a moral and ethical standpoint, what we’ve also learned is that it’s right for our businesses as well. We operate better when we are more diverse and more inclusive in the way we’re thinking about our businesses and our employees. The patients we serve are completely diverse so we have to have companies that represent them.”

Diversity and inclusion initiatives at medtech companies like Olympus are reflective of the greater need for health equity, one of the most important healthcare issues facing our nation. AdvaMed is focusing attention on this issue through its Principles on Health Equity Initiative, to which Olympus has pledged its support.

“I strongly believe that tolerance, respect for difference and appreciation of diversity – it’s all going to contribute to making a better place to work first and a better world later,” Abia noted.

To listen to the full conversation, which included Abia’s insights on the history of Olympus, what the medtech workforce looks like as COVID-19 restrictions loosen, and predictions for the future of the industry, check out the Medtech POV podcast on Spotify, Apple, or your favorite podcast streaming service. For more information on the podcast and past guests, click here.

The Medtech POV is hosted by Scott Whitaker, President and CEO of AdvaMed, the world’s largest medical technology association. It premiered in April 2021 and has featured medtech and health care policy leaders such as Dr. Steven Hahn and General James Mattis. In each episode, guests and host Scott Whitaker cover the intersection of medtech and policy from every perspective, including current issues in business, policy and current events.

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