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Medtech POV Podcast | Hologic’s Steve MacMillan Previews Unveiling of “Global Women’s Health Index,” Recounts Company’s Mobilization to Combat COVID-19

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – In the Medtech POV Podcast’s most recent episode, Hologic President and CEO Steve MacMillan led host Scott Whitaker, President and CEO of AdvaMed, through a retrospective on the company’s more than tripling of total molecular diagnostic manufacturing capacity in order to meet the demands of the COVID-19 pandemic and help save lives.

But first, MacMillan gave listeners a preview of Hologic’s massive project to advance the health of women worldwide. Hologic’s “Global Women’s Health Index,” which MacMillan said stems from the company’s goal to become “global champions of women’s health,” began because “there’s no real data out there … so we partnered with Gallup … we’re going out in 116 countries asking thousands of people, women and men, every year now … about the state of women’s health.”

MacMillan continued: “And we’re just on the verge of launching … we’re tabulating and finalizing the results … we’re going to be able to give reports to the ministers of health of each of the countries and show the areas where they may be falling short.

“A country that says, ‘We want 50% of women screened for breast cancer every two years’ — well, what are the realities? … It’s back to: ‘What gets measured gets acted on.’ … And this will create data and a road map to allow them to start to pay more attention to women’s health … I truly think it will help guide policymakers around the world.”

Hologic’s company-wide commitment to women’s global health happens to be a deeply personal commitment of MacMillan’s as well: “Women’s health and diagnostics—it’s been even more relevant to me, in that my own mother was diagnosed with breast cancer back in ‘97. She’s had two bouts with it – and to be at the company that is the leading company in diagnosing and helping so many people with breast cancer, with cervical cancer, the fact that I was really raised by two women, my mom and my older sister – it’s allowed my own passion and purpose to just be that much stronger than anything I had ever imagined.”

MacMillan reflected on the company’s work to create millions of COVID-19 tests a month, marveling at Hologic employees’ rallying to the cause: “If you think about our diagnostics business, [our employees] come to work every day and they make [tests that are] never on the news … Then suddenly our employees were going home every night … and seeing on the news that test supply and availability is the critical issue the world is facing. … And the pride of rallying for that is, it’s just – it’s hard to fully describe.”

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The Medtech POV is hosted by Scott Whitaker, President and CEO of AdvaMed, the world’s largest medical technology association. It premiered in April 2021 and has featured medtech and health care policy leaders such as Dr. Steven Hahn and Dr. Jeff Shuren, as well as prominent leaders like General James Mattis. In each episode, guests and host Scott Whitaker cover the intersection of medtech and policy from every perspective, including current issues in business, policy and current events.

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