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Resources for India COVID Crisis

AdvaMed is working round the clock to support its members on the ground in India and aid the country’s broader emergency response.

AdvaMed’s Global Strategy and Analysis Department works with members to pursue fair market access and appropriate reimbursement for medical technology in key markets including China, Japan, Europe, and emerging markets in Asia and Latin America. The Global Department works closely with U.S. and foreign government officials, as well as other international trade associations, to advocate on behalf of its members and promote the medical technology industry abroad. 

Global Top Priorities 


  • Volume-based procurement: national and sub-national levels 
  • Discriminatory procurement provisions (e.g., “buy local”) 
  • Phase One Purchase Commitments 
  • Regulatory approval times/process 
  • Standards


  • Reimbursement (including Foreign Average Pricing, market expansion repricing)  
  • Regulatory procedures and approval times 

Trade Policy

  • Trade agreements 
  • Internal restrictions OUS and US (including Buy American; use of DPA) 
  • New Post-COVID International supply chain measures to ensure market access 


  • Price policies 
  • Public procurement restrictions 
  • Regulatory/Indigenous standards 
  • Healthcare cess (tax on medical device imports) 

European Union

  • IVDR and MDR implementation issues 
  • Notified Body and Member States’ capacity constraints  
  • Virtual audits  


  • Price controls 
  • Regulatory convergence, standards and good regulatory practices 
  • Trade facilitation 

Global Affairs Contacts 

Please contact one of the team for global support. 

Ralph Ives 
Executive Vice President for Global Strategy and Analysis 
Trade Policy and China

Abby Pratt  
Senior Vice President, Global Strategy & Analysis and Department Deputy 
India, EU-US trade initiative, Russia, Middle East, Turkey, newly acceded 13 EU and other non-EU European countries, WHO, environmental regulations

Philip Agress 
Senior Vice President for Global Strategy and Analysis 
Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Other Asia (including ASEAN); Export Now!

Steven Bipes 
Vice President for Global Strategy and Analysis 
Brazil, Latin America, Africa, Good Regulatory Practices & Regulatory Convergence, International Standards, Technical Barriers to Trade, LatAm Business Ethics and Access 

Joseph Gatewood 
Vice President for Global Strategy and Analysis  
Pan-EU regulatory, Global Reimbursement & Procurement, EU-15 initial Member States (including France, Germany, UK), Korea 

Kyle Churchman 
Director for Global Strategy and Analysis 
China, Hong Kong, Taiwan 

Veronica McBride 
Manager, International Meetings and Conferences 
Office Management, International Conference Organization, Global Budget, Global Web 

GMTA Global Medical Technology Alliance 

AdvaMed is a member of the Global Medical Technology Alliance (GMTA). GMTA member associations are national or regional medical technology associations, which represent innovative companies that currently develop and manufacture 85 percent of the world’s medical devices, diagnostics, and equipment. It provides a forum for the development and advocacy of policies that support innovation in medical technology to address patients’ healthcare needs. AdvaMed is one of many association members of GMTA representing nations around the world. 

world map of GMTA countries

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