Paths to the Top

A collection of articles developed on a monthly basis featuring interviews with women executives in the medtech industry about career growth and professional development.

Paths to the Top | April 1, 2021
Martha Shadan has more than three decades of experience in the life sciences industry, leading teams at the largest medtech companies, as well as the smallest start-ups. Right now, she’s president and CEO at Miach Orthopaedics, a medtech company... Read More
Paths to the Top | February 18, 2021
Nefertiti Greene has spent more than 25 years as a healthcare leader. She’s held senior positions in the pharmaceutical industry and for medical device manufacturers; she’s focused on general management and commercial operations, as well as pre-... Read More
Paths to the Top | December 10, 2020
Anna Lisa Somera, CEO of Rhaeos Inc., Offers Learnings and Advice to MedTech Entrepreneurs Anna Lisa Somera wears a lot of different hats, with her experience ranging from biomedical research to grant consulting to regulatory affairs management and... Read More
Paths to the Top | October 28, 2020
Whether in the halls of Capitol Hill, at the offices of a national advisory and advocacy firm, or among the laboratories of a major medical device manufacturer, Elizabeth Kirkland Woody has always worked under the goal of improving public health.... Read More
Paths to the Top | July 1, 2020
The Fascinating Career of Rep. Angie Craig Representative Angie Craig didn’t grow up absorbed in politics. Her childhood dream wasn’t to run a campaign or someday be the president. She simply wanted to be able to visit the doctor’s office. “I grew... Read More
Paths to the Top | March 31, 2020
We are all adapting to an uncertain new reality as the COVID-19 pandemic changes the way we work and live. Business leaders at all levels are sharing the challenges they’re encountering in the face of COVID-19, like ensuring employee safety, staying... Read More
Paths to the Top | February 21, 2020
Dr. Anula Jayasuriya, an MD, PhD, and MBA from Harvard, is a leading venture capital executive focusing on investing in women’s health. Through EXXclaim Capital, a venture fund she founded in 2013, Dr. Jayasuriya focuses on investments that... Read More
Paths to the Top | January 29, 2020
Camille Chang Gilmore represents the voice of more than 35,000 Boston Scientific employees worldwide in her role as Vice President of Human Resources and Global Chief Diversity Officer. Guided by her passion for “Faith, Family and Football,” she... Read More
Paths to the Top | December 19, 2019
As Abbott's executive vice president since June of this year, Lisa Earnhardt helms the company’s global Medical Devices business, which comprises over 30,000 employees and generates over $12 billion in revenue. Abbott’s mission to advance medical... Read More

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