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Op-Ed: AdvaMed’s Whitaker Details New National Testing Supply Registry

  1. Scott Whitaker President & Chief Executive Officer

An op-ed authored by AdvaMed President and CEO Scott Whitaker was published today in Morning Consult on the importance of COVID-19 diagnostic testing and the role AdvaMed’s new national testing supply registry will play in helping the federal and state governments create and manage COVID-19 diagnostic testing strategies.

Whitaker explains that the national testing supply registry is a product of collaboration between AdvaMed and 13 diagnostic companies – representing 95 percent of the testing market.

“If the road to recovery goes through testing, we believe this registry provides the map.”

Scott Whitaker, President & CEO, AdvaMed

“The registry gathers and analyzes information from these diagnostic companies, along with publicly available data on daily tests performed, to create a centralized, standardized, and ‘living’ picture of our COVID-19 diagnostic supply,” writes Whitaker, “with the aim of bolstering coordination across a wide set of public and private sector entities working to increase testing availability.”

“If the road to recovery goes through testing,” Whitaker concludes, “we believe this registry provides the map.”

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