Medtech’s Role in Living a Heart Healthy Life

Each February, AdvaMed and our member companies work to raise awareness about heart health, emphasizing the importance of understanding, preventing, and managing cardiovascular disease. This disease, affecting millions of lives each year, is the leading cause of death in the United States. Through education, lifestyle changes, and advancements in medical technology, it is possible to reduce the impact of cardiovascular disease and live a heart-healthy life.

Join us in this month-long campaign to make a positive impact and promote healthy lifestyles for Americans living with cardiovascular disease.

Social Media Toolkit

Over the course of American Heart Month, AdvaMed and our partners encourage you to raise awareness about cardiovascular disease and the role of medtech in treating patients. Consider using the below graphics on your own social media channels or engaging with AdvaMed on X and LinkedIn.

hands held in the shape of a heart

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Women in Cardiovascular Device Trials

AdvaMed members  have launched a public awareness campaign to encourage recruitment, enrollment and retention of women in cardiovascular device trials.

Facts About Cardiovascular Disease

  • Cardiovascular disease (CVD) remains the leading cause of death in the United States, accounting for 928,741 deaths in 2020.
  • In 2020, the leading cause of deaths attributable to CVD in the United States was coronary heart disease (CHD) at 41.2%, followed by stroke (17.3%), other CVD (16.8%), high blood pressure (12.9%), heart failure (9.2%), and diseases of the arteries (2.6%).
  • The direct and indirect costs of total CVD in the United States between 2018 and 2019 were $407.3 billion ($251.4 billion in direct costs and $155.9 billion in lost productivity/mortality).
  • On average, someone dies of CVD every 36 seconds in the United States.
  • Globally, CVDs are the leading cause of death, accounting for 32% of all global deaths in 2019.

The Future of Cardiovascular Disease Treatment

Learn more about the history of cardiovascular disease treatment here.

Cardiovascular Patient Stories