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AdvaMed Payment Policy Forum

Gain insights from leaders from CMS and industry experts as they delve into medtech payment policies, private payer challenges and more.

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MedTech Reimbursement Playbook

Learn the basic principles of how medical technologies are covered and paid by insurers and the challenges medtech companies face.

Coverage & Payment / Diabetes

Medicare and Diabetes Technology Coverage: Closing the Gaps

Medicare is the single biggest health care insurer in the United States. When Medicare covers products or services, millions of Americans benefit.  Unfortunately, because Medicare is so big, the coverage…

Coverage & Payment

AdvaMed Commends House Progress on Breakthroughs Legislation

AdvaMed, the Medtech Association, released this statement from President and CEO Scott Whitaker following the House Energy & Commerce Committee’s Subcommittee on Health markup of H.R. 1691, Ensuring Patient Access…