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University Technology Transfer Best Practices Guide

cover of University Technology Transfer Best Practices Guide

AdvaMed employed strategic analysis tools and qualitative research methods to explore and identify the characteristics, culture, and approach of successful academic and industry collaborators in medical technology.

The AdvaMed Accel University Technology Transfer Best Practices Guide is the result of interviews, a formal fireside chat and group discussion with over 40 university representatives to gain a deeper understanding on this topic from the academic perspective as well as detailed research surrounding the topic of academic and industry engagement.

When reviewing the guide, it will provide an overview of methods utilized by the medical device industry members and universities critical to developing and sustaining effective relationships between university technology transfer offices and medical device companies. The final outcome is provided in the form of recommendations in the following areas:

  1. University Strategies for Engaging with Companies
  2. Industry Strategies for Engaging with Universities
  3. Points of Contacts – Gaining Access to Points of Contacts, Scientific Champions
  4. Business Agreements – Licensing Terms.