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Trendspotting 2022: On the Pulse of Life Sciences

cover of Sidley Trendspotting 2022-report

The global life sciences industry is evolving at an extraordinary rate. Scientists are rapidly gaining insights into fundamental biologic processes and novel cures. Cutting-edge developments and basic science are transforming medicines, medical devices, and diagnostic tools. Industry participants are collaborating to bring products to market in novel ways, and sophisticated investors are fueling this remarkable set of developments. Healthcare products are being delivered to patients worldwide through complex channels, and being reimbursed through an array of payors. As a result, the industry today is vastly different from what it was even five years ago, and it will be vastly different five years from now.

Sidley’s Global Life Sciences group – an associate member of AdvaMed – looks at 12 forces driving the life sciences legal and regulatory landscape in 2022, and provides practical tips on a range of topics for life sciences companies and investors seeking to navigate through, and capitalize on, this complex environment.