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Medical Device Mass Tort TV Ad Trends

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Medical device manufacturers are increasingly targeted by a mass tort generation machine of unprecedented size and scope. A too hidden network of financiers and claim generators fund TV, radio, internet, and social media ads to recruit large numbers of potential plaintiffs. The lawyers then leverage the sheer number of filings, regardless of the merit of each claim, into consolidated proceedings and pressure companies into mass “inventory settlements.” They are manufactured purely to feed a business model that takes advantage of the civil justice system. States have begun to address the impacts of the deceptive attorney advertising to protect their constituents from unnecessary medical harm. We anticipate that additional states will address this issue in their upcoming legislative sessions, and when they do, they should not be alone.  As part of the Responsible Advertising for Patient Safety website, AdvaMed publishes a quarterly attorney ad spend tracker, which highlights the ridiculous amount of money that is spent on medical device mass tort television advertising.