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Good Practices for the Procurement of Innovative Medical Technology

cover of Good Practices for the Procurement of Innovative Medical Technology - Beijing Conference

Beginning in December 2013 in Toronto, Canada, AdvaMed participated in and conducted a series of three international conferences to bring together leading international experts (including representatives from industry, government and academia) to discuss and refine agreed-upon best practices for value-based procurement in the medical technology sector.

The second meeting occurred in 2014 in Barcelona, and represented an even wider and more diverse coalition. The Barcelona conference used Toronto’s learnings as a starting point and made an even closer examination of the current procurement landscape. It also made recommendations based upon consensus and examples of success.

In 2015, we held a third conference Beijing. Here again, we focused on best practices from the global landscape for value based procurement and were further informed by the unique experience of the Chinese government. (link Beijing paper).

The learnings from each conference were summarized in a corresponding white paper (linked above) that advanced the learning and agreement for some of the most useful principles for value based procurement.