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AdvaMed Responds to U.S. House of Representatives Health Futures Task Force, Subcommittee on Treatments Request for Information on Fostering Patient Access to Life-Saving Cures

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On March 10, AdvaMed submitted a response to a U.S. House of Representatives Healthy Futures Task Force, Subcommittee on Treatments (Subcommittee on Treatments) Request for Information (RFI) on information to help foster patient access to life-saving cures. The Subcommittee on Treatments requested input from stakeholders on a broad range of Medicare issues, including how innovative technologies and digital technologies can be more efficiently covered and paid for under the Medicare program. AdvaMed’s comments focused on the need for a more streamlined approach to coverage, coding, and reimbursement for new technologies and devices, particularly digital health technologies, and opportunities for improvements in Agency review and evaluation of these medical technologies.

For more information on AdvaMed’s efforts around digital health technology coverage and reimbursement, please contact Richard Price.