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AdvaMed COVID Testing Supply Registry

About the National COVID-19 Supply Registry

AdvaMed has been working closely with the White House, HHS, FDA, FEMA and other key government agencies to ensure the continued supply of diagnostics tests, as well as other vital medical equipment such as PPE and ventilators, in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

To further assist state and federal governments in their pandemic responses, AdvaMed has created a comprehensive, national COVID-19 diagnostic supply registry which compiles information from diagnostic companies along with publicly available data on daily tests performed to create a centralized and standardized COVID-19 diagnostic supply registry.

AdvaMed’s registry aims to help streamline communications and data sharing between diagnostic companies and federal and state governments as well as standardize test supply reporting. It also facilitates collaboration with laboratories and other public health stakeholders to optimize access to all platforms of COVID-19 testing so that any potential shortages are identified and addressed quickly.

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Topline Data As of October 16, 2020

The registry’s latest dataset shows that since the beginning of the pandemic, over 200 million molecular COVID-19 tests have been manufactured and shipped nationwide. 

  • The over 200M cumulative molecular COVID-19 tests shipped nationwide since March 2020 by the 13 Registry participants include ~145M commercial tests and ~55M extraction reagents​.
    • Abbott
    • BD 
    • BioMérieux 
    • Bio-Rad 
    • Beckman Coulter 
    • Cepheid 
    • Hologic 
    • Ortho Clinical Diagnostics 
    • QIAGEN 
    • Roche Diagnostics 
    • Sekisui Diagnostics 
    • Siemens Healthineers 
    • Thermo Fisher Scientific 
  • Per public sources, daily molecular tests run have increased ~5% compared to the previous week, up to an average of ~1.1 million2 per day last week.
  • High-quality serology testing, authorized by FDA, remains available at scale with industry capacity to manufacture 100 million tests per month.  
  • Registry participants are bringing antigen testing to the market with significant manufacturing capacity.

Weekly Molecular (MDx) tests shipped & reported test results nationwide3

line chart depicting steady increase over weeks

1 Averaged over latest 4 weeks to account for fluctuations in buying cycle
2 Averaged over the week to account for fluctuations by day of the week
Weekly average over the last 4 weeks
4 IVD and LDT molecular diagnostic test shipments
5 State-reported results (molecular test result figures used where available, otherwise total test results used)

Weekly Reporting

The registry provides weekly state- and national-level updates on the number of molecular, antigen, and serology (antibody) tests shipped in the U.S. 

weekly report