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Global Distributor Center


To ensure and improve ongoing patient and clinician access to innovative, reliable and effective medical technologies, it is often necessary for medical device and diagnostics companies to engage third parties to assist with marketing, sales and distribution of advanced medical technology. These third parties may include distributors, wholesalers, distribution or sales agents, marketing agents, brokers, commissionary commercial agents and independent sales representatives. At the Global Distributor Center, AdvaMed offers MedTech distributors in-person and online opportunities for compliance guidance, training and registration.

Global Distributor Compliance Toolkit

To empower medical technology distributors with the tools and resouces needed to build and implement an effective compliance program, AdvaMed and its member companies created a comprehensive Global Distributor Compliance Toolkit for use by all organizations in the global medical technology supply chain. 

Access the toolkit

Global Distributor Compliance Guidance

It is essential that Companies’ interactions with distributors and distributors’ activities on a Company’s behalf are conducted pursuant to all applicable legal and ethical principles that comply with standards equivalent to those in the company's Code of Ethics. AdvaMed has worked with companies, associations, non-governmental organizations, law firms and consultants across the globe to develop distributor compliance guidance and toolkits to ensure ethical distributor interactions.

  • The Distributor Guidance page provides MedTech companies with distributor relationship guidance and tools that are jointly developed by AdvaMed and MedTech Europe as part of an ongoing commitment to provide ethical guidance on appropriate industry interactions.
  • The APEC Distributor Compliance Portal provides virtual resources to support MedTech distributor implementation of ethical guidance crafted for small and medium sized enterprises within the Asia-Pacific region. The Portal’s resources were developed by an AdvaMed-led capacity building team of over 60 expert organizations.
  • The Latin American Implementation Toolkit offers a wide array of resources to inform Latin American MedTech organizations’ efforts to strengthen ethical business practices.

Global Distributor Training Program

AdvaMed member companies have empowered AdvaMed to host Distributor Compliance Workshops to increase efficiency and promote a harmonized approach to training third-party sales and marketing intermediaries, particularly distributors, in MedTech compliance. Based on the recommendations of the International Distributor Training Fund Supervisory Committee and Global Compliance Steering Committee, AdvaMed works with local medical technology association partners and locally based AdvaMed member company representatives to determine the content and format of the training workshops.  Workshops are offered in local languages where possible. Participating distributors receive a certificate signed by AdvaMed as proof of attendance and a listing on the AdvaMed Global Distributor Registry. AdvaMed has so far led Distributor Compliance Workshops in Columbia, Vietnam, Brazil and Argentina.

Global Distributor Registry

One or more representatives from the distribution companies listed below by country of training have completed an in-person AdvaMed Distributor Compliance Workshop as part of AdvaMed’s Global Distributor Training Program and agreed to allow AdvaMed to share their information online. This list is subject to revision and reflects only the latest training sessions. If you completed a Workshop and do not see your company listed or would like your company unlisted, please contact


Admifarm Group

Aximport SRL

Biotronik Argentina SRL

Cirugia Universal


Crosmed S.A.

Diagnostico Belgrano SRL

Drager Argentina S.A.

Drofast S.R.L.

Emeclar S.A.

Ernesto Van Rossum y Cia SRL

Euro Dental Medical Import S.A.C.

Femani Medical

Hikari S.A.

ICOM de Sedesa SA

ICU Medical Argentina S.R.L


Med Bay

Medi Sistem SRL

Osteolife S.R.L.

Osteomedic Group SRL


Propato Hnos SAIC



Sistemas Analiticos SA

Solfacar S.A.

Suizo Argentina S.A.


Allent Com Imp Dist Materiais Medicos Ltda

Anser Br Comércio De Produtos Para Saude Ltda

Baumer S/A

BIO2 Importação e Comercio de Materiais Medico Hospitalares Ltda

Bone Surgical Equipamentos Medicos Eireli

BT Orthopedics Comércio De Implantes Ortopédicos Ltda

Canadá Central De Negócios Do Brasil Ltda

Centro Auditivo Telex Ltda

Comercial Commed Produtos Hospitalares Ltda

Comércio E Importação Erecta Ltda

Dabasons Importação Exportação E Comércio Ltda

Dupatri Hospitalar Com. Imp. Exp. Ltda

GC Distribuidora Produtos Ortopedicos ltda.

GE Hospitalar Ltda

H Medical Importação E Comércio Ltda

H Strattner e Cia Ltda

Hemocat Comércio E Importação Ltda

Imact Campinas Implantes Especializados Com. E Repres. Ltda.

Improtec Comércio De Material Cirúrgico Ltda

Inomedical Com Prod Hospitalares Ltda

Intermedic Technology Importação Exportação Ltda

Iomed Ortopedia Especializada Ltda

Jdr Comercio De Produtos Cirúrgicos

Jusimed Importacao E Comercio De Produtos Ltda

LBT Lasers Brasil Technology Com. Imp. Exp. Ltda

Litormed Comércio De Produtos Médicos Ltda

Medical Suture Com. Ltda

Ortospine Com. Imp. E Exp. De Mat. Hosp. Ltda

Politec Saúde

Porto Surgical Comércio De Material Hospitalar Ltda

Prime Cirúrgica Importação E Exportação De Produtos Ortopédicos Ltda

PSC De Holanda

Quantum Importação E Distribuição De Produtos Médicos Ltda

RBG Produtos Therapeuticos S/A

Riaade Suprimentos Médicos Ltda

Richard Wolf Brasil Equip. Med. Ltda

Riomedical Comercio de Material Hospitalar Ltda

Síntese Comercial Hospitalar Ltda

SP Intervention Ltda

Tecmedic Comércio De Produtos Médicos Ltda

Tecnimed Com. Imp. De Prod. Méd. Hosp.Ltda

Tellus Rio Comercio Imp. Exp. Ltda

Tríade Implantes Comércio, Importação E Exportação De Implantes Ortopédicos Ltda

Vip Line Com Material Medico Ereli

Werfen Medical Ltda


Biomedica de Paraguay SA


D. A. Medica De Costa Rica

Diverquin SAS

G.Carco S.A

Liber Salus, S.A. de C.V.

Quality-1 Export, Inc

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Werfen Colombia SAS


Amvipharm Vietnam

Anh Khoa Co., Ltd

Chi Anh MedIcal Technology Company Limited

DCA Development Cooperation Joint Stock Company

Delta PTE. LTD.

Dien Long Medical Devices Service Company

DKSH Vietnam

Dräger Vietnam

Hang Thiet Co., Ltd

Harphaco in Ho Chi Minh

Hoang Phat Medical Devices Company

IMED Medical Equipment Company Limited


Indochinemed Co., Ltd

Nhat Minh Medical Corporation

An Phuc Trading & Technology Co., Ltd

Reckitt Benkiser Vietnam

T&C Medical Trading and Service JSC.

Ta Thien An Co., Ltd

Tran Le Trade and Production Co. Ltd.

Viet Ba Equipment Co., Ltd

Vi Long Trade and Investment Joint Stock Company



Y Phuong Medical Devices Company