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Ethics & Compliance

  • While the AdvaMed Code of Ethics has long set the standards for ethical interactions between health care professionals and member companies, we’re presenting an update in 2020 that reflects today’s world.

    As leaders in the MedTech community, it is our role to clarify and distinguish compliance standards as we continue our commitment to collaborative relationships, business integrity and life-changing innovation.

  • The AdvaMed Code Certification Center is open to both AdvaMed member and non-member MedTech companies to sign on to the code and obtain a certification logo to adopt, proudly display and reap the benefits of Code certification.

  • At the Accel Center for Ethics (ACE), smaller companies are provided the tools and resources needed to adopt the AdvaMed Code of Ethics and implement its provisions to help ensure effective compliance.

  • AdvaMed and its member companies work to facilitate ethical interactions between companies and health care professionals (HCPs) through global distributor capacity building programs, multi-national cooperatives and in-country initiatives.

  • The AdvaMed Global Distributor Center offers MedTech distributors in-person and online opportunities for compliance guidance, training and registration, including the Global Distributor Compliance Toolkit. 

  • To empower medical technology distributors with the tools and resources needed to build and implement an effective compliance program, AdvaMed and its member companies created a comprehensive Global Distributor Compliance Toolkit for use by all organizations in the global medical technology supply chain.