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AdvaMed’s PAC raises personal, voluntary contributions from eligible members of our industry to support federal candidates who understand the importance of the medical device and diagnostic sector.

Prior Approval

Before making a contribution, please take a minute to fill out a prior approval form if you haven’t done so this year. Below are two options, the online form or a downloadable PDF. Once you click on the link you’ll see the next steps.

Contribute to AdvaMed PAC

Our PAC allows us to maximize the political strength of the medical device industry. Through our PAC, we are able to educate and send a strong, collective and clear message on behalf of our industry to key policymakers on Capitol Hill. Please consider making a contribution through our online form. If you’d prefer to give by check we offer a downloadable PDF that can be filled out and mailed in.

Contact Us!

If you have any questions or need any information, please feel free to reach out to our PAC Team.

2022 AdvaMed PAC Donor Wall

Thank you to all of our donors. We appreciate all your support.

Last updated 9/12/2022. Names listed in alphabetical order.

Honorary Co-Chair ($10,000 Raise/Contribute)

Abbott PAC

  • Abbott PAC
  • Lisa Earnhardt


  • Lishan Aklog
  • Michael Gordon
  • Dennis McGrath
  • Shaun O’Neil


  • Dan Carestio

Chairman’s Club ($7,500+)

Medtronic PAC

  • Medtronic PAC
  • Kristina Pisanelli

President’s Club ($5,000+)

Abiomed PAC
Thomas Kapfer
Ashley McEvoy
Brian Miller
David Pacitti
Jonathan Rennert
Scott Whitaker

Leadership Club ($2,500+)

Cardinal Healthcare PAC
Edwards LifeSciences PAC

  • Donald Bobo
  • Dirksen Lehman
  • Leah Kegler

Mike Mussallam
Chris White
Eric Zacharias

Supporter ($250+)

Raymond “Ray” Briscuso, Jr.
Chandra N. Branham, JD
Jennifer Brearey
DeChane Dorsey
Andrew Fish
Pat Fogarty
Whitney Gardner
Nick Halsted
Sarah Killeen
Erin Leahy
Brian O’Connor
Richard Price
Zach Rothstein
Hasan Shah
Sarah Arth
Janet Trunzo
Amanda Walsh
Kim Zimmerman

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