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Medtech POV Podcast | Caroll Neubauer Previews the 2023 MedTech Conference, Showcases the Exciting Opportunities for Attendees

WASHINGTON – In the newest episode of the Medtech POV, Caroll Neubauer joins AdvaMed President and CEO Scott Whitaker to talk about The MedTech Conference, the largest event for the global medtech community. Neubauer, the former CEO of B. Braun America, has been involved in The MedTech Conference for 17 years, seeing it grow from a small gathering of CEOs and AdvaMed members to a marquee event for the entire industry.

“From the little start to where we are today, anybody who has anything to do with our industry will find something that they should and will want to see,” Neubauer told Whitaker during the conversation. “There is truly something for everybody and a networking opportunity for everybody.”

One of the biggest changes to the conference in recent years are the number of opportunities for investors to connect with companies on the conference floor. Neubauer, now an advisor with Water Street Healthcare Partner, an investment firm focused exclusively on health care, talked at length about the importance of the investor track for small medtech companies.

“The investor piece has become an important part of what we do at the MedTech Conference. The ecosystem is so reliant on a strong investor component,” Whitaker said. “What’s the value of an investor coming to a meeting like this?”

“As an investor, I get to see companies that I otherwise may not be able to see as a company seeking an investor. I can find the investors now with ease,” Neubauer answered. “A lot of companies will be doing reverse pitches to understand what these companies are looking for as they are on their strategy path.”

The pair also talked about the panels available to attendees, including the CEOs Unplugged sessions, keynotes, and fireside chats.

“The CEO sessions are on the exhibition hall floor and really hands-on,” Neubauer said. “All the CEOs are very accessible. We have a super keynote speaker session with Ashley McEvoy, Geoff Martha, and Kevin Lobo, and then we have fireside chats with Steve MacMillan and Peter Arduini. After those sessions, you can easily talk to the speakers.”

Lastly, Neubauer talked about the opportunities for students at The MedTech Conference, saying “the Student Hub is an important part of recruiting talent. The idea is to get these young people excited for our industry. So CEOs have volunteers to talk with these young people so they can learn more about the industry and opportunities on a one-on-one basis. It’s the next step in recruiting the talent we need for the future.

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The Medtech POV is hosted by Scott Whitaker, President and CEO of AdvaMed, the world’s largest medical technology association. It premiered in April 2021 and has featured medtech and health care policy leaders such as Dr. Steven Hahn and Dr. Jeff Shuren, as well as prominent leaders like General James Mattis. In each episode, guests and host Scott Whitaker cover the intersection of medtech and policy from every perspective, including current issues in business, policy, and current events.