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AdvaMed Praises Administration’s “Women’s Health Research” Initiative

WASHINGTON, D.C. – AdvaMed, the medtech association, today released the following statements on the White House’s announcement today of a new initiative focused on women’s health research to be led by First Lady Jill Biden. This year, AdvaMed created a Board-level committee to address health disparities more broadly, led by AdvaMed Board of Directors member Lishan Aklog, M.D., as well as a Board-level subcommittee on women’s health, led by AdvaMed Board member Tracy MacNeal. Statements from both medtech leaders follow.

“AdvaMed is thrilled to see the Administration, under Dr. Jill Biden’s leadership, take on the critical issue of women’s health research,” said DeChane Dorsey, Executive Director of AdvaMed Accel and AdvaMed’s staff lead on the medtech association’s work with respect to health equity and women’s health. “Women face different health issues than men, and the health issues they share must often be treated differently to ensure the same outcomes. Despite this, women are not adequately represented at critical phases of the innovation process, from inception to product development. AdvaMed understands the importance of ensuring that women have access to technologies that ensure their best possible health outcomes. We are fortunate to have two remarkable leaders from our member companies – Dr. Lishan Aklog and Tracy MacNeal – leading our health equity and women’s health work at AdvaMed. This work spans more inclusive research, development, and funding of technologies. We look forward to working with the Administration to advance our shared support for this critical issue and others that promote equitable development and access by women and other underserved populations to innovative technology.” 

“For too long, women, and especially women of color, have faced a stark gap in the quality of care and treatment they receive, leading to higher mortality rates in underserved communities,” said Lishan Aklog, M.D., Chairman and CEO of PAVmed and Lucid Diagnostics, and Chair of the AdvaMed Health Equity and Diversity Committee. “AdvaMed has made health equity a top priority, bringing together our medtech companies to focus on this issue and ensure the specific needs of female patients are reflected in clinical trials, research, and product development. This systemic issue requires all stakeholders, from industry to the federal government, to step up and invest in a health care system designed for all patients. I applaud the Biden Administration’s efforts to stand up this women’s health research initiative, and I look forward to joining my colleagues in working alongside policymakers and lawmakers on behalf of the patients we serve.”

“President Biden and Dr. Jill Biden deserve our appreciation for elevating the critically important field of women’s health,” said Tracy MacNeal, chair of the AdvaMed Women’s Health Equity Initiative Subcommittee and President and CEO of Materna Medical, a company serving the most common pelvic conditions women face. “Because these areas of medicine and policy have been neglected for so long, it will take all of us, from the White House to medtech companies to policymakers at every level of government, working together to close the gaps in research, development, and related healthcare policies so every woman has access to the best medical solutions improving her quality of life.”