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AdvaMed Launches Website Dedicated to Protecting Patients from Misleading Litigation Advertising

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed) today announced the launch of a website dedicated to protecting patients from misleading litigation advertising. The Responsible Advertising for Patient Safety website aims to drive and enhance awareness of the dangers of misleading ads for medtech litigation, including a behind-the-scenes look at litigation funding practices of plaintiff attorneys. 

“Lifesaving medical technology has become an increasing target of misleading litigation ads,” said Christopher White, chief operating officer and general counsel of AdvaMed. “We agree with the Federal Trade Commission that health care decisions should be based on truthful, science-based information, in consultation with physicians, and not fear-inducing, misleading advertisements. Our new website aims to ensure just that.” 

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has flagged dangers of misleading medtech litigation ads, sending letters to several legal practitioners and lead generators to express concerns that some television ads that solicit clients for personal injury lawsuits against drug makers may be deceptive or unfair under the FTC Act. These predatory ads are disguised to look like FDA safety alerts, recalls, or other critical medical warnings in an effort to bundle as many claims as possible for plaintiff lawyers. The ads may not be placed by the lawyers directly, but by “lead generators” paid to find plaintiffs across the U.S. for the law firms.   

“Continuing to support FDA decision-making authority on medtech safety is essential,” noted Pat Fogarty, VP, assistant general counsel and director of civil justice at AdvaMed. “The goal of our new website is to help do that by shining a light on deceptive litigation ads and how they are funded.” 

The new AdvaMed website includes a newsfeed, education materials, as well as an attorney ad spend tracker. The ad spend tracker highlights the amount of money that is spent on medtech mass tort television ads.

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