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AdvaMed Expands VentConnect Platform to Advance Production of COVID Medtech

Newly expanded site scales production and distribution of medical devices and diagnostic tests for COVID, future health care crises

WASHINGTON, D.C. – To ensure production of vital medical devices and diagnostic tests during this critical time and to help prevent future supply chain issues, the Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed) announced that it is expanding the VentConnect platform. The new MedDeviceNetwork platform ( will move beyond ventilators to include other complex medical technologies America’s patients and caregivers need in the continuing fight against COVID-19 and other future health care emergencies. 

“Our VentConnect platform has been very effective in connecting suppliers and manufacturers to boost ventilator production and ensure there are enough ventilators across the country to meet the nation’s needs,” said Scott Whitaker, AdvaMed President and CEO. “With our new MedDeviceNetwork site, we will build on the success of this platform to support production of other highly complex devices – such as patient monitors and dialysis machines – and diagnostic tests to meet current patient and caregiver needs and to prepare for any future waves of COVID, natural disasters or other crises.” 

“By leveraging unique partnerships across multiple industries, VentConnect continues to help support the needs of patients and providers during the ongoing public health crisis,” said Eric Fanning, Aerospace Industries Association President and CEO. “The MedDeviceNetwork will enable medical device and aerospace companies to expand on our collaboration and continue to meet the demand for critical medical technologies through the COVID-19 pandemic and into the future.” 

The expanded MedDeviceNetwork platform is designed to connect medical device and diagnostics companies with component suppliers to help quickly boost production and distribution of vital technologies and to reinforce complex supply chain needs. 

Medical device manufacturers can sign up on the MedDeviceNetwork site and create secure spreadsheets identifying parts and components that are in short supply. Suppliers wishing to assist production complete a brief application on their company’s capacity and materials. Manufacturers can review supplier applications and decide whether to share their supply list needs. The manufacturer and supplier can then separately choose whether to enter an agreement to provide the needed materials. 

The original VentConnect platform was launched in May in conjunction with Google, the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA), and other industry alliances and partners. With the expansion, the platform will be managed solely by AdvaMed. 

“We want to thank Google, AIA, and all of the other groups that worked together to successfully launch VentConnect,” said Whitaker. “As we’ve seen over the last several weeks, ventilator production has surged thanks in part to the collaboration of these organizations in this time of national emergency, highlighting the effectiveness of this incredible online tool. We’ll build on this success as we expand this platform to include more life-saving technologies.” 


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