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COVID-19 Member Resource Center

With our member companies on the frontlines of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, AdvaMed is working diligently to address the medtech industry’s needs and provide resources that support you and your businesses during this challenging time.

AdvaMed Members Fight Coronavirus 

Since the onset of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, AdvaMed member companies have donated millions of dollars’ worth of medical products and cash to hospitals, foundations and charities around the world. Medical device companies are responding to increased demand by ramping up production wherever possible, coordinating closely with governments to ensure the delivery of supplies where they are most needed, and in some cases, creating new devices and diagnostic tests to help effectively diagnose and treat sick patients. 

AdvaMedDx and COVID-19 Testing 

In the fight against COVID-19, diagnostic and serology (antibody) tests, along with other tests essential to patient management for those hospitalized with COVID-19, are front-line tools supporting patient care and public health.   

Over the course of the last year, AdvaMedDx members have dramatically mobilized in an unprecedented effort to develop and manufacture hundreds of millions of molecular, antigen and serology/antibody tests for COVID-19.  Companies have also increased manufacturing of laboratory and point-of-care instrumentation to support test expansion. Significant supplies of these quality COVID-19 laboratory and point-of-care tests – instrumented and instrumentless, are available and member companies have augmented manufacturing to continue to adeptly support our collective response and recovery. Testing will continue to be a necessary and integral part of our ongoing response to COVID-19, even as many receive vaccinations and the pace of new infections slows. 

To expand testing to all, AdvaMedDx and its members have collectively advocated on a wide range of policies, including flexibility in sample collection and where tests can be run; funding to extend testing infrastructure; coverage policies aligned with the intentions of the CARES Act; and ensuring the utility of tests for screening is well-understood. AdvaMedDx continues to work with the Biden Administration and other partners to extend the reach of testing by encouraging the use of all types of COVID-19 tests across all modalities. 

Early in the pandemic, to support government pandemic response effort AdvaMedDx launched a COVID-19 Testing Supply Registry. The Registry provides real-time, actionable data on COVID-19 testing supplies shipped to laboratories nationwide. The Registry includes participation from fourteen leading diagnostics manufacturers whose tests together comprise ~80% of the COVID-19 molecular tests on the market in the U.S. These companies have shipped ~450 million molecular tests to laboratories across the U.S. since March 2020. 

Med Device Network Assists Government with Potential Supply Shortfalls 

In spring of 2020, VentConnect – a virtual, pro-bono platform designed to help manufacturers of ventilators access critically-needed component parts – was created in response to the pandemic. Then in summer of 2020, the site was repurposed to encompass and cover the entire industry – offering every manufacturer the opportunity to identify a need and crowdsource potential suppliers, no matter the sector. That relaunch was renamed Med Device Network, and is currently helping scores of companies source parts and overcome potential supply chain shortages. 

Building on the success of the original VentConnect site, Med Device Network employs the same tactics to connect manufacturers of medical devices with a wide pool of potential suppliers from both inside and outside industries. Manufacturers on the site post lists of part needs, grant individual suppliers access to those proprietary lists, and work offline directly with suppliers to determine if a partnership can be forged. The site has also evolved to help provide logistics solutions for manufacturers. 

Medtech’s Role in Combatting COVID-19 

The medical technology industry recognizes its crucial role in our nation’s health care system, particularly during an unprecedented public health emergency such as the COVID-19 pandemic. This crisis has united us all as Americans in a global fight. The patients our industry serves have always been our No. 1 priority, and we are working around the clock to meet their needs. We are committed as medical technology innovators and manufacturers to working with federal, state, and local authorities to ensure our nation’s disaster planning efforts are coordinated, efficient, and effective. The medtech industry has mobilized to this global cause, and we are committed to the following guiding principles in our efforts to conquer the coronavirus. 

Guidance for Health Care Industry Representatives 

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals and surgical facilities nationwide paused elective surgical procedures and other nonemergent and nonessential services, limiting physical access to facilities for nonessential health care personnel, patient visitors, and medical device representatives. AdvaMed collaborated with the American Hospital Association and the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses to provide these clinically based recommendations to support health care organizations and medical device representatives when resuming elective procedures. The following principles and considerations are intended to guide facilities, health care personnel and medical device representatives as they adopt access policies that support safe reentry of medical device representatives into the facility. 

Coronavirus Task Force 

AdvaMed is actively working with key U.S. government agencies – including HHS, FDA, and CDC – as well government agencies around the world, to identify how the industry can help ensure that providers and patients everywhere have access to the medical technologies they need to help diagnose and fight this deadly virus. 

As we continue to assess and respond to a crisis that continues to evolve, AdvaMed’s objective is to pool and disseminate industry knowledge, and share developments among our membership. 

To that end, AdvaMed has assembled a coronavirus task force. Any AdvaMed member company is eligible to join. This task force meets during scheduled conference calls and provides readouts on the latest intel we are receiving from AdvaMed members, government agencies and other stakeholders.  

COVID-19 MedTech Resource Center

With our member companies on the frontlines of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, AdvaMed is working diligently to address the medtech industry’s needs and provide resources that support you and your businesses during this challenging time.