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AdvaMed Accel Testimonials


Nadim Yared

Nadim Yared, President and CEO, CVRx

If you’re not inside, you can’t push for emerging companies. When the Medical Device Excise Tax was first being debated, emerging company CEOs and I worked with the AdvaMed Board to ensure the needs of small companies were included in their efforts. We asked for their support on a small company carve-out and they agreed.

Even though our request would have meant more of a burden for larger companies, the AdvaMed board understood the big picture and supported a proposal for a tax exemption to smaller companies. Being a member of AdvaMed made that possible.


Kevin Conroy

Kevin Conroy, President and CEO, Exact Sciences

Committees and working groups are an essential part of my AdvaMed membership. I don’t know if people realize what these committees really do. As diagnostic company, the ones I belong to bring together all of the relevant people across the industry that care about the same things that I do. If you’re a small company, these are the people that you need to meet.

You could easily spend AdvaMed’s membership fee on a lobbyist and not even come close to the value and knowledge that you get out of AdvaMed.


Marty Emerson

Marty Emerson, President and CEO, Monteris Medical

In this new era of scrutiny, I want to have that Code of Ethics seal on our website. That's why Monteris Medical worked diligently to certify to the Code and have the ability to use the Code of Ethics seal. When it comes to interacting with the federal government, it would be impossible for individual companies to accomplish alone what they can together through AdvaMed.

The Code of Ethics is a great example of AdvaMed’s leadership. The government was going to come up with an answer if industry didn’t. AdvaMed brought large and small companies together and came up with guiding principles that can help every medtech company lower risk and find safe ground.