Shane Reif is Director, Human Resources at Baxter Healthcare. Prior to its acquisition by Baxter, he worked for Hillrom, a global medical technology company. At Hillrom, he was part of a core team that developed a DE&I program, including the launch of an employee resource group for LGBTQIA+ employees. Prior to his time at Baxter/Hillrom, he worked for Hospira, a global sterile injectable company (acquired by Pfizer in 2015). Shane joined us to answer a few questions about himself:

Tell us about Your Hometown.   

I hail form a Hoisington, Kansas, a town of 2,500 in the middle of the state. Located on the plains of Kansas, it’s s small farming community with deeply conservative German-Catholic roots. I later moved to Lindsborg, KS, a community founded by Swedish immigrants in the 1800s. The community is deeply committed to the arts in all forms. I now live in Chicago, IL. 

What does PRIDE mean to you?   

“Pride” means feeling comfortable in your own skin and displaying authenticity in all that you do. By being prideful, you have the opportunity to change the culture around to and to be an example to the generation that will come behind us. 

Why the MedTech Industry?   

I started my career in non-profit. I truly felt as though I had to remain in non-profit in order to get that “warm fuzzy” feeling. I’ll never forget the candidacy process at Hospira, when I realized that being part of the healthcare/MedTech industry was exactly where I belonged! I still have the ability to have a major impact on society and even my own family and friends. It’s an industry I hope to be part of for a very long time! 

What Advice Do You Have for Other LGBTQ People in the MedTech Industry?   

Find a culture in which you are empowered to be your true and authentic self. If you feel as though you’re not part of a workplace culture/community that allows this, have open and honest conversations about the appetite to celebrate diversity. If there isn’t one, find a culture that allows this!