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Abbott’s Executive Vice President of Medical Devices Lisa Earnhardt Sits Down with Medtech POV

Medtech POV was excited to welcome Lisa Earnhardt, who leads many of Abbott’s initiatives addressing diabetes. On the podcast, which was recorded during Diabetes Awareness month in November, Earnhardt, who now serves as Executive Vice President of Medical Devices at Abbott, discussed her decades-long career in medtech and vision for the future of innovation.

Addressing Diabetes Care and Inequities

During the interview, Earnhardt described how she and her team are helping patients manage diabetes, which she calls “one of the most pressing healthcare issues of our time.” She continued: “In fact, we probably would have been talking a lot more about it the last two years if we weren’t talking about COVID, in terms of the almost pandemic level impact of the disease, with over 400 million people around the globe suffering from diabetes.”

Thanks to years of research from the medtech industry, those living with diabetes can wear a small device that constantly monitors their glucose level, rather than pricking their fingers several times a day. Along with developing the technology, Abbott is also working with groups like the American Diabetes Association to ensure equitable access to these treatments around the globe. 

How Innovation is Propelling Medtech Forward

As Lisa Earnhardt noted on the podcast, Abbott’s work in diabetes – and all disease areas – is about getting technology to where and when it’s needed. She believes that in many areas this innovation was accelerated by the pandemic. However, when it comes to what she finds most rewarding, she notes: “I’m just proud that we’re able to make a difference.”

Earnhardt’s work in diabetes is just one part of her expansive career in healthcare technology. Prior to joining Abbott, she successfully ran a medical device startup, giving Earnhardt a unique perspective on leadership. 

“Just one member of the team and their capabilities can make a huge difference; making sure you’re surrounding yourself with the team that will not only help serve your needs of today, but ultimately takes you to where you want to need to go.” 

––Lisa Earnhardt, Executive Vice President of Medical Devices, Abbott

During the conversation, Earnhardt shared some of the most important lessons she’s learned as a leader. For those within the medtech industry, Earnhardt stresses the importance of building the right team, or as she put it, “the importance of people.”

To hear Earnhardt’s perspectives on medtech and innovation, listen to the latest episode, and learn more about the Medtech POV podcast.

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