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Edwards Lifesciences’ Mike Mussallem Joins Medtech POV for a Discussion on the Evolving Industry

As Chairman and CEO of Edwards Lifesciences, Mike Mussallem has seen firsthand the impact that innovative medical devices can have on patients. He joined AdvaMed’s Scott Whitaker on a recent episode of Medtech POV recorded in December 2021, to discuss the dedication of those in the industry and how policy reform can help speed up the process of getting devices to patients.

“There are really important innovations that are happening across the landscape and a possibility for so many more.” 

––Mike Mussallem, Chairman and CEO, Edwards Lifesciences

Many are drawn to the medtech industry because of its focus on helping others. At Edwards Lifesciences, Mussallem has witnessed the connection between industry members and patients, particularly with the development of heart valves. Not only are these valves handcrafted, but recipients also receive an individualized serial number with their valve. As a result, many patients have visited the company to meet those who made these life-saving devices, reminding the Edwards team of the importance of their work.

Breakthrough technologies are essential in protecting the health of patients, but policy challenges can make it difficult to expedite the process. As Mussallem noted on the podcast: “There are really important innovations that are happening across the landscape and a possibility for so many more. And why can’t we get those faster to consumers?”

Reforms Needed to Improve Medtech Access for Patients

During the interview, he also discussed the ways in which the medtech industry has been and can continue working towards a more equitable healthcare system. At Edwards, employees have demonstrated a commitment to the cause, and have “helped to organize things and channel some energy and some resources, to try and make broader progress.” However, Mussallem believes there should be broader progress across the industry, including improving diversity in clinical trials.

To hear more perspectives from Mussallem, including how he navigated leading a medtech company through the pandemic, listen to the latest episode, and learn more about the Medtech POV podcast.

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