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GMTA Adopts Globally Harmonized MedTech Ethics Principles


Jon Dobson
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Paris, France The Global Medical Technology Alliance (GMTA), representing 26 leading international and regional medical technology associations including AdvaMed (the Advanced Medical Technology Association), today announced adoption of globally harmonized ethical business principles applicable across their respective member associations, as outlined in a joint statement.

The joint statement was announced and formally released at the 11th annual Global MedTech Compliance Conference (GMTCC) – an event presented jointly by AdvaMed and MedTech Europe on May 2-4 in Paris, France and focused on the key compliance issues impacting the medical technology industry.

“GMTA’s adoption of these principles represents the culmination of AdvaMed’s longstanding work with fellow GMTA members around the world to achieve global harmonization of ethical business principles in the medical technology industry,” said Scott Whitaker, president and CEO of AdvaMed. “This includes advancing progress under the 2011 Kuala Lumpur Principles in the Asia-Pacific region and the 2017 Bogotá Principles across the Americas.”

“As medical technology innovation extends beyond national and cultural boundaries, there is an ongoing need to promote common and high-standard principles of business ethics across borders, to help ensure patient access to the life-saving and life-enhancing treatments and cures they need, and to level the playing field for industry,” said Christopher L. White, AdvaMed chief operating officer and general counsel.

“This commitment by GMTA – an alliance created under AdvaMed’s leadership and representing the consolidated global voice for our industry – represents the shared commitment by all 26 GMTA member associations, and emphasizes the importance of promoting internationally a harmonized environment of ethical business practices among medical technology manufacturers, distributors and health care professionals,” White said.

The joint statement outlines GMTA members’ shared commitment to continue to jointly assist their member companies to implement high-standard ethical business practices – such as through joint compliance training initiatives and development of common implementation tools – and to collaborate around the world to promote high ethical standards in the global medtech community.

All parties acknowledge and express their commitment to upholding common principles of an effective code of ethics, including principles regarding:

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