4 ADVAMED PRIORITIES FOR LATIN AMERICA Medical technologies save and improve the lives of millions of people across Latin America every day, driving economic growth and workforce productivity. Rapidly growing demand for medical technologies across the region creates significant opportunities for foreign investment as well as locally driven growth, so long as policies and regulations that enable innovation and value creation are developed and implemented. AdvaMed serves as an advocate and partner across Latin America to maximize access to health care, pursuing lower costs to health systems while increasing the utilization of new medical technologies, through the following priorities: PRIORITIES Minimizing Heath Market Bottlenecks, Barriers and Inefficiencies ALSO KNOWN AS Trade Facilitation Market Access Administrative Efficiency TASK 1 Conduct Heath Market Logistics Benchmarking to identify and measure economic waste in the health system TASK 2 Bring product approval and facility inspection times within legal limits and international norms TASK 3 Bring product customs clearance times within legal limits and international norms