TABLE OF CONTENTS 2 THE VALUE OF MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY 4 ADVAMED PRIORITIES FOR LATIN AMERICA 6 ADVANCING TRADE FACILITATION 8 PROMOTING REGULATORY COHERENCE & CONVERGENCE 12 STRENGTHENING BUSINESS ETHICS & INTEGRITY 14 HEALTHCARE ACCESS 16 OUR COLLABORATIONS AND PARTNERS MEMBERSHIP BY COMPANY SIZE 60% Emerging Growth Companies 14% Small to Midsize Companies 26% Large Companies WHO WE ARE The Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed) is the world’s largest medical technology association, serving over 300 member companies who develop and manufacture products for every country in Latin America. AdvaMed works with partners around the world for the highest standards of ethics and integrity, timely access to safe and quality products, and national policies that encourage innovation and value creation through reasonable reimbursement. AdvaMed also supports regulatory environments that are transparent, predictable, consistent, timely and science-based, to expand patient access to advanced medical technologies. AdvaMed collaborates with national and local governments as well as industry associations, patient and civil society organizations, health care professionals and their colleges to support these objectives. 60% 14% 26%