Improving Patient Access to Care and & Innovative Care Management Improving patient access to care and AdvaMed’s members’ lifesaving innovations are central to AdvaMed’s mission. Included in lifesaving innovation are technologies that redesign or in some cases redefine the care pathway to improve efficiency, access and outcomes. AdvaMed advocates on behalf of its members in numerous markets to ensure patients have access to medical technology that is the most appropriate and effective. HEALTHCARE ACCESS 14 AdvaMed also works with partner organizations to educate policymakers on how to advance the benefits of medical technology through public policies that support investment, innovation and patient access. One exam- ple is AdvaMed's work through the Medical Technology Group (MTG) in the UK. MTG is a collaboration between AdvaMed, the Association of British Healthcare Industries (ABHI) and patient groups on issues affecting patient access. MTG advocacy campaigns include “Admissions of Failure – The Truth About Unplanned Admissions in the NHS,” which highlighted the need to better manage chronic conditions to avoid emergency room visits, and a campaign designed to highlight and combat patient lot- teries for hip and knee surgery. MTG has also authored a report on the economic value of medical technology. The report, done in conjunction with the Work Foundation, highlights the often overlooked societal and economic benefit that medical technology plays in returning people to good health as quickly as possible. More information on MTG is available at AdvaMed also collaborates in Germany with BVMed (the German medi- cal technology trade association) on key issues. In India, AdvaMed has launched a social media campaign to high- light the diverse spectrum of medical technologies in the country that benefit patients’ lives. The platform also in- forms stakeholders about important differences between medical devices and pharmaceuticals, to help drive home the need for device-specific policies and regulations. Such partnerships help amplify AdvaMed's message on the importance of access to innovative new treatments and cures, and focus attention on the many disease states that can be addressed or alleviated through medical technology. In combination with these efforts, members are able to discuss with policymakers ways to ensure innovative technology and improvements in clinical management are given full consideration to make care more efficient and effective. TA IMAGE