STRENGTHENING BUSINESS ETHICS & INTEGRITY Ethical business practices and integrity are at the heart of healthcare by ensuring that decisions are made in the patients’ best interests. They are also vital to sustainable growth for medical technologies across Latin America. Unethical business practices can result in public distrust of the health system, unfair business conditions or inaccessible market opportunities, wasted resources, stifled investment and innovation, a heightened enforcement burden, and non-harmonized practices between countries leading to elevated legal risks that reduce trade. At the same time, beneficial collaborations between medical technology companies and other stakeholders are also essential to enhance the safe and effective use of products, to encourage research and education, and to foster charitable causes. For these reasons, strengthening and aligning ethical business practices are a shared priority by all stakeholders in the health system – government, industry, health care professionals, and the public. AdvaMed is a global leader in strengthening business ethics and integrity for the medical technology sector. The AdvaMed Code of Ethics on Interactions with Health Care Professionals (“AdvaMed Code”) is a model for the industry and has been used as the basis for national medical technology sector codes of ethics in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and dozens of other countries in Latin America and around the world. These codes extend to thousands of companies. The AdvaMed Code also informed the APEC Principles for Codes of Ethics in the Medical Device Sector endorsed by APEC Leaders and Ministers and undergoing implementation by hundreds of organizations and their members across Latin America. AdvaMed also partners with governments, industry bodies, and health care professional groups across the region in ethics and integrity training programs, from in-person workshops to online resources. Since 2014, AdvaMed has partnered with major government and industry stakeholders to convene the Latin American Compliance Conference – the region’s largest medical technology ethics program – held in São Paulo, Mexico City, Bogotá, and Miami. AdvaMed supports partnerships in the Americas that are pioneering new approaches to strengthen business ethics and integrity. This includes best practice guidance for third party sales and marketing intermediaries, such as medical technology distributors, and implementing novel training for them in Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia. In 2016, AdvaMed joined with the U.S. Department of Commerce to aid in the launch of the Peruvian Consensus Framework. This ground-breaking agreement unites ethical business practices in the medical technology sector for Peru’s 23 leading health stakeholders, including government authorities, industry associations, patient and civil society organizations, and health care professional groups. Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum AdvaMed serves as the industry coordinator for the medical device sector program of the APEC Business Ethics for SMEs Initiative, one of the largest public-private partnerships in the world to strengthen ethical business practices. 12