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Mark Brager
December 12, 2016

AdvaMed Launches Digital Health Sector

AdvaMed Digital Leverages Association Expertise for Health Care Revolution

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed) today announced the launch of a new sector within the association dedicated to needs of companies in the burgeoning digital health space.

AdvaMed Digital will leverage the association’s broad experience as the leading advocacy organization for the medical technology industry and provide specialized expertise for the unique challenges facing companies that are at the leading edge of the digital health revolution.

“From mobile devices that provide individuals personalized health care information to harnessing Big Data to find solutions for entire patient populations, digital health companies are transforming how we think about health care every day,” said Scott Whitaker, AdvaMed president and CEO.

“This new frontier of care promises incredible benefits for patients and efficiencies for health care systems,” Whitaker stressed, “but only if public policies are in place that promote innovation along with high standards for patient safety, and companies understand how to navigate the regulatory and reimbursement systems still being developed. That’s why AdvaMed Digital is an essential resource for digital health companies and a key stakeholder in shaping the policy environment for this emerging area of health care.”

AdvaMed Digital is committed to being the home for technology developers and manufacturers who are driving new opportunities in digital health through the convergence of innovative technologies and new business models.

AdvaMed Digital will bring together companies to:

  • Explore digital health trends and solutions;
  • Engage with policymakers, thought leaders and stakeholders;
  • Address critical public policy issues; and
  • Advocate for the advancement of digital health for the benefit of patients and health care.

As a dedicated sector within the association, AdvaMed Digital will leverage the association’s decades of experience in helping to shape pro-innovation regulatory and reimbursement policies – in the U.S and abroad – to ensure patient access to the latest innovations while helping its members thrive.

“AdvaMed has already been a leader on so many issues impacting the digital health space – from software regulation to cybersecurity to interoperability standards – just to name a few,” said Robert Jarrin, director, government affairs, Qualcomm Inc. “AdvaMed Digital will provide even more focus on these and other critical issues – some of which are only beginning to emerge.”

“Digital health companies range from large multinationals to one-person start-ups, but no matter their size or history, they can all benefit from being part of AdvaMed Digital,” said Elisabeth George, head of global regulations & standards at Philips. “The rules on digital health are just now being written, and companies in this space are going to want to be at that table with a partner and advocate like AdvaMed to make sure those rules foster innovation, not inhibit it.”

AdvaMed Digital will also provide members important opportunities for networking and gathering stakeholder input on key issues. AdvaMed Digital is hosting its inaugural Digital MedTech Conference March 2, 2017, in San Francisco. The day-long conference will bring together experts from FDA, industry and the venture capital community to discuss topics including the future of digital health care, new FDA regulatory proposals, and the growing role of data informatics in driving health care decision-making.

More information on AdvaMed Digital is available here.