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Global & Trade

  • China presents the most significant growth market for the medical device industry today and for the foreseeable future.  AdvaMed's China initiatives increase opportunities for the industry in China while, at the same time, supporting China's long-term development goals.  Specifically, AdvaMed works with China's government and private sector to promote the value of medical technologies while advocating a fair and level playing field for all manufacturers.

  • Japan is in the midst of a two-year reimbursement cycle which will culminate in the determination of the rules it will use to adjust reimbursement prices in 2014. A key concern is Japan’s plan to adopt some form of health technology assessment (HTA) as a cost containment mechanism.

  • AdvaMed's Global Strategy and Analysis Department is seperated by country and issue. This contact list serves a directory.

  • America’s medical technology industry creates life-saving and life-enhancing treatments and cures that drive efficiencies and cost savings in the health care system while generating high-quality jobs that contribute to economic growth.

  • Ranking among the 20 top healthcare markets globally, India is expected to remain one of the fastest growing medical device markets over the next five years driven by emerging policies and initiatives, patient demographics and the expectations of India's rapidly growing middle-class. In addition to opportunities, however, there remain significant challenges, and AdvaMed is committed to working with public and private sector stakeholders to help bring advanced medical technologies to Indian patients.

  • As we continue to assess and respond to a crisis that continues to evolve, AdvaMed’s objective is to pool and disseminate industry knowledge, and share developments among our membership. Given the magnitude of the outbreak and the many moving pieces, AdvaMed has assembled a coronavirus task force.