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Accel Center for Ethics


“All medtech companies – from start-ups to large multinationals – can benefit from adopting AdvaMed’s strong and comprehensive Code”
—AdvaMed Ethics & Health Care Compliance Board Committee Chairman Ken Reali
President and CEO of Clinical Innovations LLC

“We know venture capital investors and acquiring companies carefully weigh ethics and compliance at target companies when considering investment and acquisition decisions”
—Christopher White
General Counsel and Chief Operating Officer of AdvaMed

Compliance in the MedTech Industry

Medtech companies of all sizes serve patients through beneficial collaborations with health care professionals (HCPs) to develop life-changing new products and enhance their safe and effective use through training and education. To help ensure these relationships meet the highest ethical standards, AdvaMed worked with its member companies to develop the AdvaMed Code of Ethics on Interactions with U.S. Health Care Professionals  ("the AdvaMed Code"). The AdvaMed Code clarifies and provides guidance on appropriate interactions between HCPs and medtech companies.

At the Accel Center for Ethics (ACE), smaller companies are provided the tools and resources needed to adopt the AdvaMed Code and implement its provisions to help ensure effective compliance.


Companies are strongly encouraged to adopt the AdvaMed Code.  Medical technology companies, both AdvaMed members and non-members, may participate in this certification program.

The process is not complex. To certify:

  1. You need your CEO (or equivalent) and your chief compliance officer (or equivalent – these may be the same person) to sign our document certifying to the following:

     I am familiar with AdvaMed Code of Ethics

     I am knowledgeable about my company’s compliance & ethics program

     Our company requires all officers, employees & agents to abide by the Code

     Our company has communicated the tenets of the Code to all dealers & distributors, with the expectation that they adhere to them

     Our company has made a copy of the AdvaMed Code available on our web site

     Our company agrees to respond to requests for information from our compliance contact

     Our company has adopted the AdvaMed Code and implemented an appropriately tailored, effective compliance program, which includes training and education among other elements

  2. You need to provide your compliance contact (individual or hotline) for posting on the AdvaMed web site

To complete the 2020-2022 AdvaMed Code Certification for Membersclick here. Members may also submit their certification via PDF copy

To complete the 2020-2022 AdvaMed Code Certification for Non-Membersclick here. Non-members must complete their certification online. 

For a list of Certifying Companies, click here.

For Compliance Contact Information for certifying companies, click here.

Code Tools & Resources

AdvaMed offers Code of Ethics training and compliance assistance to encourage ethical business practices and socially responsible industry conduct related to their interactions with HCPs:

  • The 2020 Code Training Deck provides an introductory course on the revised AdvaMed Code of Ethics (expanded online overview course coming mid-December).
  • For company representatives who need more in-depth training, AdvaMed worked with HealthStream, a provider of workforce and provider solutions for the health care industry, to provide Code of Ethics training via the RepDirect™ platform, where for a reasonable fee learners can access training and receive a credential accepted by health care providers nationwide.
  • The AdvaMed Code Resources Center also has new and updated tools, resources and other materials to assist companies in adopting the AdvaMed Code