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Certification Program


Companies are strongly encouraged to adopt AdvaMed’s Code of Ethics on Interactions with Health Care Professionals.  Medical technology companies, both AdvaMed members and non-members, may participate in this certification program. 

This Certification requires a company's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Compliance Officer (CCO), or other senior individuals with equivalent responsibilities, to sign and affirm that their company has agreed to abide by the AdvaMed Code of Ethics on Interactions with Health Care Professionals ("AdvaMed Code") and that they have implemented policies and procedures to implement the AdvaMed Code as part of an effective compliance program. 

Certification Program

A company submitting a certification attests that:

  • The Company’s officers, employees, and agents are required to abide by the AdvaMed Code for all interactions involving U.S. Health Care Professionals;
  • The Company has communicated the provisions of the AdvaMed Code to its dealers and distributors with the expectation that they will adhere to them;
  • The Company has made the AdvaMed Code available on its public website; and
  • The Company has adopted the AdvaMed Code and implemented an appropriately tailored effective compliance program related to interactions with U.S. Health Care Professionals.

To download the 2020 Certification paperwork for Members, click here.

To download the 2020 Certification paperwork for Non-Members, click here.

For a list of Certifying Companies, click here.

For Compliance Contact Information for certifying companies, click here.

Any company that has certified to the AdvaMed Code of Ethics may participate in the Logo Supporters Program and display the Code of Ethics Logo (above) on print or electronic media to represent their commitment to effective compliance programming and ethical interactions with health care providers. For more information about the Logo Supporters Program, click here.