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Seeing is Not Always Believing: Tackling Legal Advertising Disguised as Medical Alerts Webinar

February 6, 2020

Widespread concern has been raised about the medical misinformation surrounding the safety of FDA-approved or cleared medical devices and drugs. What is behind this medical misinformation? Often it is legal advertising disguised to look like an FDA safety alert, recall or other critical medical warning, but actually intended to drum up patients to join class-action lawsuits. The ads may not be placed by the lawyers directly, but by "lead generators" who are paid to find plaintiffs across the U.S. for the law firms. This panel will discuss recent trends in attorney advertising, as well as the impact attorney advertising is having on the medtech industry.

John F. Brenner, JD, Chief Litigation Counsel, BD

John F. Brenner is Chief Litigation Counsel at BD, where he is responsible for all non-IP litigation and government investigations. Prior to its 2017 merger with BD, Mr. Brenner held the position of Vice President, Litigation at C. R. Bard, Inc. Before joining Bard, Mr. Brenner was in private practice for 34 years as a partner at McCarter & English, LLP and Pepper Hamilton, LLP, where he represented medical device and pharma companies in mass tort and related litigation. Mr. Brenner is a graduate of Dartmouth College and the University of Virginia School of Law.

Aviva Wein, Assistant General Counsel, Products Liability, Johnson & Johnson

Aviva Wein is an Assistant General Counsel for Johnson & Johnson at the company’s headquarters in New Brunswick, New Jersey. She is responsible for litigation for several of the company’s major operating companies worldwide, handling primarily product liability matters. Prior to joining Johnson & Johnson, Ms. Wein worked for an international law firm in New York City, as well as a law firm in Princeton, New Jersey where she focused on general commercial and product liability litigation matters.

Rusty Silverstein, JD, President and Founder, X Ante

Rustin Silverstein is the President and founder of X Ante -- the premier source for data and analysis on advertising and marketing by plaintiffs' law firms and others soliciting mass tort litigation claims. X Ante serves Fortune 500 companies, top law firms and others with regular monitoring and comprehensive surveys of trends in mass tort litigation advertising and marketing.  Prior to founding the company, Rustin practiced law at a multinational law firm and worked for a global management consulting firm. Earlier in his career, he served as a congressional press secretary and television news producer. Rustin is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School. He lives in the Washington, DC area with his wife and four children.