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EXCITE International: Streamlining the Pathway for MedTech Adoption in Global Markets

April 25, 2017
AdvaMed Offices and Virtual

Learn ​more ​about ​how ​EXCITE ​International, ​a ​not-for-profit ​organization, ​can ​help ​your ​medical ​technology ​company ​navigate ​the ​notoriously ​complex ​pathway ​from ​innovation ​to ​adoption ​through ​a ​single ​streamlined ​EXCITE ​pathway ​to ​global ​adoption. ​ 

The ​is ​an ​information ​session ​that ​will ​form ​the ​basis ​for ​companies ​to ​apply ​to ​EXCITE ​International ​for ​evaluation ​of ​their ​medical ​technology. ​It ​will ​also ​offer ​an ​opportunity ​for ​an ​open ​discussion ​on ​the ​EXCITE ​International ​model ​by ​policy ​makers 

EXCITE ​International ​has ​assembled ​one ​of ​the ​largest ​comprehensive ​infrastructures ​across ​the ​U.S. ​and ​Canada ​and ​working ​to ​consolidate ​its ​positioning ​with ​the ​U.K., ​Netherlands ​and ​Norway. ​Through ​the ​multinational ​collaboration ​between ​industry, ​regulators, ​payers, ​health ​systems, ​governments, ​patients, ​and ​expert ​end-users ​early ​on ​in ​the ​selection ​and ​evaluation ​process, ​EXCITE ​International ​is ​poised ​to ​expedite ​global ​adoption ​and ​reduce ​the ​risk ​of ​rejection ​following ​regulatory ​approval. ​This ​global ​approach ​to ​mitigate ​the ​risk ​of ​post-regulatory ​rejection ​follows ​a ​successful ​proof ​of ​concept ​pilot ​undertaken ​in ​Ontario ​since ​2012 ​of ​11 ​medical ​technologies ​through ​MaRS ​EXCITE. 

Often ​companies ​regard ​regulatory ​approval ​as ​the ​largest ​hurdle ​to ​get ​to ​market, ​but ​this ​is ​only ​the ​first ​stop ​in ​a ​long ​and ​complicated ​pathway ​to ​technology ​adoption. ​Multiple ​payers ​and ​health ​systems ​need ​to ​be ​convinced ​about ​the ​value ​add ​of ​the ​technology ​before ​making ​a ​decision ​whether ​to ​adopt. ​Until ​now, ​these ​important ​stakeholders ​have ​been ​excluded ​from ​the ​early ​stages ​of ​evaluation ​and ​are ​approached ​late ​in ​a ​process ​that ​all ​too-often ​fails ​to ​meet ​their ​expectations. ​This ​results ​in ​rejection ​rates ​for ​regulatory-approved ​technologies ​as ​high ​as ​ninety-five ​percent. ​ 

The ​EXCITE ​approach ​offers ​a ​clear ​large-scale ​alternative ​to ​the ​existing ​post-market ​health ​technology ​assessment ​by ​working ​collaboratively ​to ​pull ​rather ​than ​push ​impactful ​technologies ​into ​health ​systems.

Presenters will include:

  • Joe Gatewood, Vice President for Global Strategy and Analysis, AdvaMed 
  • Dr. Leslie Levin, Chief Executive and Scientific Officer, EXCITE International
  • Dr. Naomi Aronson, Chair of EXCITE Payers’ Advisory Committee and Executive Director Clinical Evaluation, Innovation, and Policy Office of Clinical Affairs Blue Cross Blue Shield Association
  • Dr. Bryan Luce, Chair of EXCITE Scientific Collaboration and Senior Advisor Evidera and immediate past Chief Scientific Officer, PCORI

Event time:
1:30 p.m until 3:30 p.m EST

In-Person Registrant Logistics:
AdvaMed Offices
701 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Suite 800
Washington, DC 20004

Virtual Registrant Logistics:
Login and dial-in details for virtual registants will be sent within 24 hours of the event.

For more information including an EXCITE International application form , please visit If you have questions about the content and agenda for the event, please contact Joe Gatewood at  For any questions abtout registration, please email Nancy Jackon at