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Direct Sponsorship in China

AdvaMed Phases Out Direct Sponsorship in China

AdvaMed and its member companies are committed to providing and supporting strong education and training for health care professionals (HCPs), especially in rapidly expanding markets like China. Delivering innovative, high-quality patient outcomes requires HCPs to be trained on the latest clinical and medical information.

AdvaMed and its members are also deeply committed to conducting business with ethics and integrity, especially in interactions with HCPs around the world.

In advancing these two commitments, AdvaMed is changing how members support HCP training and education in China. Effective January 1, 2018, direct sponsorship of HCPs in China to attend third-party educational events will no longer be considered permissible under the AdvaMed Code of Ethics on Interactions with Health Care Professionals in China (AdvaMed China Code).

This shift away from direct sponsorships aligns with global trends and best practices. Currently, many countries do not permit direct sponsorship of HCPs. Regional associations such as MedTech Europe and APACMed are also actively phasing out this practice, effective January 1, 2018. AdvaMed’s member companies in China have determined to lead in this direction as well.

The planned phase-out of direct sponsorship will not affect medical device manufacturers, ability to support high-quality HCP education in China. Companies will devote more resources to supporting other rich educational opportunities for HCPs, including:

  • Educational grants and donations to third-party conference organizers and other entities (for example, a hospital or educational foundation) to support third-party educational conferences
  • Company-conducted product training and educational meetings
  • Company-conducted satellite symposia in connection with third-party educational conferences
  • Company support for HCPs’ attendance at technical procedure training courses

HCP education and training are necessary for the continued development and use of innovative, safe, and effective medical technologies. AdvaMed and its member companies continue to lead the medical device industry’s unwavering commitment to HCP education and to ethics and integrity in China. These changes will help to avoid even the appearance of impropriety and help ensure the transparency of relationships between companies and HCPs in China.