In 2023, Congress has the opportunity to advance policies that will dramatically improve patient access to the life-changing and lifesaving medical tests, treatment, and technologies that are so critical to improving patient outcomes. As long as there are patients in need, AdvaMed will continue advocating for solutions that will improve the patient experience – and ultimately save and improve lives.

Our top medtech priorities for the 118th Congress highlight opportunities to address the most important issues facing patients and the medical technology industry today. With these priorities as a guide, AdvaMed will collaborate with leaders and medtech champions from both parties in both houses of Congress to foster greater medical innovation and expand access to medical technologies.

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“America’s medtech companies continue to lead the world in medical innovation, improving lives and patient outcomes through accurate diagnostic testing, and safe and effective treatments. As we look to the future, the medtech industry is ready to strengthen its critical leadership role in meeting the needs of patients—we are ready to roll up our sleeves and work with the 118th Congress on policies that will prioritize and improve the lives of every patient in America, every time they need access to care.” 

––Scott Whitaker, President and CEO, AdvaMed

Top Medtech Priorities for the 118th Congress to Help Usher in a New Era of Innovation on Behalf of All American Patients

Scott Whitaker
Scott Whitaker, President and CEO, AdvaMed

To the 118th Congress:

More than ever before, the critical role the medical technology industry plays in our health care system was on full display throughout the pandemic. Our industry was at the center of the global crisis, developing and distributing billions of Covid tests and every other critical medical technology necessary to treat patients suffering from Covid.

We at AdvaMed, the world’s leading trade organization representing medical technology and device manufacturers, are proud of the medtech community’s incredible effort to meet the demands of the pandemic. But the reality is, it is only a small part of the overall picture of medtech: Everything you see, for example, when you walk into a clinic or doctor’s office or operating room—literally everything but the people and the pharmaceuticals—is medtech and plays an indispensable role in your care.

Whether it is the nearly 50 million surgeries performed annually in the U.S. or the delivery of 4 million babies, advancements in medtech are driving better outcomes, longer and healthier lives, and lower costs. Innovative medical technology is a key driver in increased U.S. life expectancy, which is projected to increase by nearly six years by 2060.

As we enter the 118th Congress, there is a great opportunity for both sides of the aisle to come together on broadly bipartisan initiatives that will greatly impact patients. Recent polls show health care is a top priority of both Democratic and Republican voters; they want to see their elected representatives work across the aisle to improve access to care and lower costs—two areas in which medtech can play an important role.

And there’s nowhere better for the 118th Congress to start than right here:

We have identified nine top priorities—from the unique vantage point of the lifesaving medical technology industry—that would have an immediate and long-term impact on patient care. Taken as a whole, they would unleash a new era of life-changing innovation for patients.

From diagnostics to treatment to recovery, patients want to know they are being treated not just by the best doctors and nurses—but with the latest and best medical technologies as well. Working together to turn these policies into law will go a long way toward ensuring every patient feels precisely that way about their care, every time.

We look forward to working with you to pass these initiatives and send them to the President’s desk.

Scott Whitaker signature

Scott Whitaker
President and CEO

Improve Patient Access to Breakthrough Medical Technologies

Improving the Medicare coverage pathway through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) of breakthrough medtech innovations will benefit patients suffering from a lack of medical alternatives, as well as foster greater innovation. Congress should:

Strengthen U.S. Medtech Industry’s Global Leadership Position

The U.S. is the global leader in medtech. Patients worldwide deserve access to the lifesaving, life-enhancing medtech developed by the American industry. Congress should:

Secure American Medtech Supply Chain Resilience

The pandemic highlighted the increasing interconnectedness of the global supply chain and the resulting vulnerability to our health care system of significant disruptions. Protecting and prioritizing health care supply chains, both at home and across the globe, are essential to ensuring the timely delivery of patient care. Congress should:

Ensure Patient Access to Accurate Diagnostic Tests

Medtech companies will continue to deliver patients the diagnostic testing products they need and expect. In order to achieve this critical goal, Congress should:

Boost Next-Gen Medtech Innovation Through America’s Start-Ups

With more than 80 percent of American medtech companies considered small businesses, they are a key driver of the innovation that improves and saves patients’ lives. Ensuring their ability to bring their safe and effective medical devices to market is critical to improving patient outcomes. Congress should:

Strengthen Regulatory Process to Ensure Latest Medical Technologies Reach Every Patient

MDUFA V was a historic agreement, bringing greater predictability, consistency, and accountability to the entire device review process. Congress should:

Close the Care Gap for Underserved Communities

The gaps in care and outcomes between those served in our best facilities and those in underrepresented and vulnerable populations are unacceptable. Diversity in medical device clinical trials will help close the gaps. Congress should:

Protect Sterilization Processes in Order to Protect Public Health

Federal regulations must protect the health care system’s ability to continue serving patients with sterile medical equipment. Congress should:

Ensure Tax Law Keeps Pace with Medtech Innovation

The right tax policy will help encourage the research and development that is so critical to medical innovation on behalf of patients in need. Congress should:

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